Anti-Bribery Policy

Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.

Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd. will work toward preventing bribery and gifts and entertainment, charitable, philanthropic and political donations that exceed social norms (collectively, "Bribery") based on the policy stated below.

Basic Concept

  • We recognize the importance of preventing Bribery. We will implement appropriate measures to prevent Bribery in order to comply with relevant rules and regulations.
  • We will maintain a firm attitude toward Bribery and will not engage in any transactions with parties involved in or suspected of Bribery.


  • We will assign clear roles within our company for the prevention of Bribery.
  • We will provide trainings to our officers and employees to raise awareness of Bribery prevention.

Checking and Monitoring

We will check and monitor our compliance with rules and regulations relating to Bribery prevention and will continue to improve our policy based on the results of monitoring.


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