Research (In–depth Investment Information)

Research (In–depth Investment Information)

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Our analysts are among the highest ranked in the industry and provide comprehensive survey and analyst reports to investors in a timely manner.

Utilizing our team of highly specialized analysts, economists, and strategists, we survey, analyze, and evaluate various spheres including Japanese and global industry trends, listed companies, Japanese and global economic conditions, interest rates, forex, credit, and ESG from a variety of different angles.

Based on those results, we provide investors with information crucial to asset management, such as forecasts and investment strategies, using sources such as reports, seminars, investor events, and the media.

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Year after year, we continue to be recognized as the top research house in Japan for both equities and fixed income.

For equity research, we ranked 3rd among all research houses for the Nikkei Veritas 2022 "Most Popular Analyst Survey." Six of our analysts ranked 1st in individual category rankings.

For bond research, Mizuho Financial Group ranked 3rd among all companies and groups for the Nikkei Veritas 2022 "Most Popular Bond/Forex Analyst/Economist Survey." One of our analysts ranked 1st in individual category rankings.

While our achievements are notable, our quest to enhance our research capabilities to offer unsurpassable solutions tailored to the diverse needs of our clients is unending.


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Research Business

In response to client needs, both in Japan and overseas, our equities research business is developing an even stronger research team across Pan-Asia, including Japan. Our domestic top-class strategists, economists, and sector analysts in Japan address the entire range of needs by supplying information on industry trends, stock valuations of individual companies, equity investment strategies, quantitative analysis, and various thematic reports.

Our fixed income research team, which comprises some of Japan’s foremost economists and analysts, provides Japanese and overseas economic, interest rate, and forex forecasts. Our team also offers credit analyses of issuing corporations, overseas financial  nstitutions, evaluates the impact of Japanese and overseas monetary policy, and proposes fixed income investment strategies.

Furthermore, in light of recent advances we have made in digital innovation-driven research, we also supply clients with the latest information on various ESG investments.

Seminars and Investor Events

Our sales and research teams work together to organize seminars and events of all sizes for institutional investors. In the large event category, every September in Tokyo we hold a "Conference" (from 2020 onward this has been the "Japan Alpha Conference"). It consists of individual/group meetings between companies and investors and thematic sessions that make the most of the connections we have as One MIZUHO. The FY22 conference mixed face-to-face and online was a great success, with approximately 790 domestic and international institutional investors and 190 companies invited to take part.

We also routinely hold seminars on topics of critical importance to investors. We share ideas helpful for making investment decisions in a timely and highly accessible format.

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