Research (In–depth Investment Information)

Research (In–depth Investment Information)

Offering timely in–depth survey analysis and research by industry–leading experts to support clients' asset management

At Mizuho Securities, we have an outstanding survey system in place, consisting of an expert team of highlyspecialized analysts, strategists, and economists who review and analyze economic trends in Japan and overseas, as well as industry trends, listed companies, interest rates, and foreign exchange factors from various perspectives.
Based on their findings, we prepare a wide range of information including outlooks and investment strategies which are potentially valuable in managing assets of investors. Such information ultimately becomes the basis of various reports, meetings with institutional investors, seminars, and investor events as well as media reporting.


Highest reputation in the industry as Japan's best research house for both equities and bonds

In the category of bond research, the 2019 survey conducted by Nikkei Veritas ranked Mizuho Financial Group as No. 2 for most popular bond/forex analyst/economist. In the category of equity research, we were voted No. 2 by institutional investors in the 2019 survey for most popular equity analyst for company as reported by Nikkei Veritas magazine, while our analysts ranked No. 1 in 9 out of 31 business categories in rankings by industry.

We continue to make efforts to further improve our global research capabilities.

  • Voted No. 2 in the 24th Annual Survey on Most Popular Bond/ Forex Analyst/Economist (Overall Company Ranking and Overall Group Ranking) of Nikkei Veritas
  • Voted No. 2 in the 31st Annual Survey on Most Popular Equity Analyst (Overall Company Ranking) of Nikkei Veritas
  • Voted No. 1 in 9 (more than any other company in the industry) out of 31 business categories in the 31st Annual Survey on Most Popular Equity Analyst of Nikkei Veritas

Research Business

Mizuho Securities understands the needs of institutional investors both in Japan and overseas, and therefore is currently developing an even stronger research team across the Pan–Asian region, including Japan. Our equity research team, which comprises top class investment strategists and sector analysts, addresses the entire range of information needs by providing evaluations of industry trends and individual companies, by developing equity investment strategies and by performing quantitative analysis.

Mizuho Securities has one of the most highlyadvanced teams of economists and analysts in Japan for fixed income research, which provides outlooks on economic and interest–rate–related trends in Japan and overseas, credit analysis of issuers, assessments of the impact of monetary policies in Japan and overseas, and fixed income investment strategy proposals to mention a few. In addition, we also collaborate closely with economists at our overseas subsidiaries and thereby provide information on a global scale through publications such as global macroeconomic reports.

Seminars and Investor Events

Institutional Investors

Mizuho Securities holds seminars and investor events aimed at various institutional investors, both large and small. Held every September in Tokyo, the Mizuho Investment Conference is the largest of these and consists of a series of one–on–one meetings between companies and investors and workshops featuring important topics. Last year's event (FY18) was successfully held with approximately 1,000 institutional investors as well as some 350 companies in attendance from Japan and overseas.

Investment Conference

Mizuho Investment Conference event (held in Tokyo)

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