Procedures for Requesting Disclosure, etc.

Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.
(Business Operator Handling Personal Information)

  1. Please refer to this for the intended use of the personal data held by the Company.
  2. Based on the provisions of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, the company will endeavor to properly and promptly cope with the following requests for disclosure of data from customers:
    1. Disclosure of personal data held;
    2. Correction, addition and deletion of personal data that do not reflect the facts;
    3. Suspension of use and elimination of personal data when personal information held is used beyond the scope of the intended use;
    4. Suspension of use and elimination of personal data when information held had been obtained by unlawful means; and
    5. Suspension of provision of personal information to a third party when personal data held was provided to a third party without obtaining the customer's consent
  3. Procedures for requesting disclosure, etc.
    1. Requests can be made by the person making the request by proxy, by visiting the branch or by postal mail;
    2. The contact for "request for disclosure, etc." is the branch where a customer holds an account;
    3. The documents to be submitted in relation to "request for disclosure, etc." include
      1. Application for request, prescribed by the Company:
        • "Application for disclosure of personal data held"
        • "Application for correction of personal data held"
        • "Application for suspension of use of personal data held"
      2. Personal identification documents (*)
        A duplicated copy of a driver's license, health insurance card, passport, resident card, or special permanent resident certificate, etc.
      3. Application by a proxy (*)
        • For a statutory proxy (a person with a parental authority or a guardian of an adult): a document proving the statutory proxy status
        • For a privately appointed proxy: "power of attorney" prescribed by the Company and the seal registration certificate of the proxy.
          (*) Please contact the inquiry window for details
    4. Disclosure fee
      1. The following fee will apply for requests for disclosure:
        A fee of 1,100 yen for each document (including consumption tax)
      2. Please pay the fee by either deduction from an MRF held at the Company or by bank transfer.
    5. Method of answering a request for disclosure
      We will provide a written answer to the person having made a request. (The answer will be provided to the person having requested the information even in the case of a request by a proxy.) In the case of a request by a statutory proxy, the answer will be provided to the said statutory proxy.
    6. The intended use of the information obtained in relation to the "request for disclosure" The information will be used only within the scope required for request for disclosure, etc. The document submitted will be discarded after being stored for a period of five (5) years.
    7. Reasons for not disclosing personal data held
      Information will not be disclosed in the following cases. In the event of a decision not to disclose information being made, we will notify the reason to the person having requested disclosure.
      1. When personal identification cannot be confirmed, such as when the address entered in the request form, the one recorded in the personal identification document, and that registered with the Company do not match.
      2. In the case of a request by a proxy and when the right of the proxy cannot be confirmed
      3. When the prescribed request form is not filled out appropriately.
      4. When the required fee is not paid (*)
      5. When the information requested for disclosure is not "personal data held"
      6. When there is risk of harming the life, health, property or other rights or interests of the person having requested disclosure, or of a third party
      7. When the proper operations of the Company's business may be significantly hindered
        (*) We will issue a notification if the amount of the fee paid was not sufficient, or if payment is not made. If payment is not made within a prescribed period, we will treat the case as if there was no request for disclosure.
  4. As for requests for correction, addition, partial deletion of information, partial or complete suspension of use, or partial or complete suspension of provision of information to third parties, we will endeavor to confirm facts and handle matters appropriately and immediately.


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