Social Contribution Activities

Culture and Arts

We work to make culture and the fine arts accessible to wider audiences to help foster greater appreciation and sensitivity for the great works of the human spirit upon which societies have progressed. We support a broad palette of activities involving culture and the fine arts.


NHK Symphony Orchestra

NHK Symphony Orchestra promotes cultivation and development of art music in Japan and aims to achieve social and cultural mission with the symphony orchestra.
We keep on sponsoring for "Beethoben's Symphony No.9 Concert" since in 1990.

Opera by Tokyo–Nikikai

Tokyo–Nikikai is the lergest Opera company in Japan where more than 2,700 performers and associates belong, and focuses on promoting popurarity of Opera in Japan. It celebrated 65 yeays' anniversary in 2017 since its establishment and 40 years' anniversary since its foundation. We keep on sponsoring for it since in 2004.

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