Initiatives for Responsible Investment and Financing

We aims to contribute to the healthy and sustainable growth of the world economy through facilitating finance and responsible investments.

Mizuho’s Track Records of Underwriting Arranging Sustainable Finance

Mizuho’s Initiatives related to Sustainable Finance

Mizuho's initiatives

Mizuho Securities has been promoting proactive initiatives as a financial institution to contribute to achieving a sustainable development of society and <Mizuho>, and established the Sustainable Finance Office in 2019 to reinforce its structure to support clients for the issuance of sustainable bonds.

Initiatives toward structure reinforcement

  • 2017: Established the Sustainable Finance Desk
  • 2018: Signed a partnership agreement with the Climate Bonds Initiative, an international organization managing a climate bond certification scheme
  • 2019: Established the Sustainable Finance Office
  • 2021: Established the Sustainability Promotion Department

Mizuho Securities has been supporting various customers for the issuance of sustainable bonds, including its first green bond project launched as the Ministry of Environment's pilot program for creating green bond issuance models in 2017.

Initiatives toward market expansion

Mizuho Securities has been engaged in various initiatives, including hosting seminars and lectures, to expand the sustainable finance market

Initiatives toward market expansion

Co–sponsored a seminar titled "Social Infrastructure and SDGs"

Mizuho Bank and Mizuho Securities co–hosted a seminar titled "Social infrastructure and SDGs – "Connecting" value created by social finance" with Bloomberg.
This seminar was held to discuss the role of social infrastructure and finance to achieve the SDGs.

Co–sponsored a forum titled "Open the way to the future through the SDGs – a new social model changes the future, a new financial model creates the future"

2019 marks the fourth year since the adoption of SDGs by the United Nations. As G20 Summit will also be held in Japan this year, 2019 is expected to be a year in which SDGs, including SDGs initiatives promoted by the Japanese government, will attract media attention..
Prior to the event, on March 19, 2019, a forum titled "Open the way to the future through the SDGs – a new social model changes the future, a new financial model creates the future" was held, hosted by the Asahi Shimbun Media Business Division and co–sponsored by Mizuho Financial Group.
This forum was held to discuss how society, corporations and individuals can contribute to achieving the SDGs from the perspective of transportation infrastructure and finance.

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