Intended Use of Customers’ Personal Information

Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd. (Business Operator Handling Personal Information)

Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd. (hereinafter the “Company”) will handle customers’ personal information to the extent necessary to carry out the operations as well as the intended uses set out below, and will not handle such information beyond this scope. In compliance with the Cabinet Order, etc. concerning the financial instruments business, etc., the Company will not use any information on race, religious belief, family lineage, legal domicile, health and medical status, criminal records or other special nonpublic information for any purposes other than proper management of operations or other purposes considered necessary, nor provide such information to any third party. Similarly, if applicable laws or regulations, etc. limit the intended use of certain personal information, the Company will ensure that the handling of such information is within the scope of the said intended use.

The Company may record conversations with its customers within the extent necessary for carrying out the specified purpose.

Content of Company operations
  • Operations that may be performed by financial instruments business operators pursuant to applicable laws and regulations, etc., including the financial instruments business (trading of securities, brokerage of securities trading, underwriting of securities, etc.), and insurance solicitation operations, as well as operations incidental to these operations
  • Other operations that may be performed by the Company pursuant to applicable laws and regulations, etc., and operations incidental to those operations (including those for which handling may be approved in the future)
Intended use at the Company

The Company will use the information for the following purposes in connection with various types of products and services, etc. of the Company, companies in the Mizuho Financial Group Inc. (hereinafter the “Group”) (see note), and the Company’s affiliates and business partners.

  • Solicitation and acceptance of applications for purchase of financial products and services, etc., including opening of accounts for financial product transactions, etc. to be handled by the Company pursuant to the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act
  • Personal identification, etc. of customers in accordance with laws and regulations, etc. and confirmation of eligibility, etc. to use financial products or services, etc.
  • Management of continuous transactions, including due date management in financial product transactions, etc.
  • Decision–making regarding applications for and continued transactions of financial products, etc.
  • Determination of the appropriateness of providing financial products or services, including in light of the suitability rule, etc.
  • Provision to a third party within the extent necessary to properly perform operations
  • Proper performance of commissioned operations when the Company is commissioned by another business operator, etc. to process all or any part of personal information
  • Exercise of rights or performance of obligations under contracts with customers or as required by laws, etc., including reports on the result of transactions or the balance of the assets under management
  • Research and development of financial products and services, etc., including market research and data analysis
  • Various proposals and advice on financial products and services, etc., including sending direct mail
  • Distribution of advertisements for various products and services that meet customer needs by analyzing customer transaction histories and website browsing histories, etc.
  • Various proposals and advice on products and services, etc. of partner companies, etc.
  • Cancellation of various transactions and relevant management after cancellation
  • Identification and management of various risks, and proper and smooth execution of transactions with customers
  • Regardless of the aforementioned intended uses of personal information, the Company’s use of a person’s My Number shall be limited to “application/notification activities related to opening accounts for financial product transactions” and “creating/submitting legal documents related to financial product transactions”.

Note: The Group, its consolidated subsidiaries and equity-method affiliates entered in its annual securities report and other reports. The latest information on the names of the specific corporations, etc. is shown on the Group’s website (

(For Inquiries)

  • Please contact the branch where you hold an account, by telephone or by postal mail, for any comments or inquiries you may have.
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