Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives

Mizuho Financial Group adopted Mizuho's Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion(PDF/167KB) to foster growth and promote the active involvement of all members of Mizuho's diverse workforce. Along with this, the Priority measures in commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Japan(PDF/453KB) were formulated, introducing group-wide diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. (See our group initiatives here.) Likewise, we at Mizuho Securities aim to create new corporate value through the continual development of innovative financial products, and the transformation of services and business systems by proactively adopting diverse perspectives and ideas of individual employees as we carry out daily operations and decision-making processes.

Diversity promotion at Mizuho Securities

Mizuho Securities continuously strives to facilitate initiatives for promoting diversity, equity and inclusion on a group–wide basis. The Group established a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Promotion Committee chaired by the Group CPO (Chief People Officer) and composed of department heads in charge of business promotion in each division. Through the committee, we are striving to accelerate the promotion of diversity, equity and inclusion as appropriate for each division's particular situation.

Mizuho Securities is also dedicated to support employee-initiated activities for promoting diversity, equity and inclusion and we regard them as our important measures.
About 25 people in total are appointed to serve a dual-hat role as promotion representatives in the D&I Office of the Human Resources Dept. to develop and implement diversity, equity and inclusion activities using their knowledge acquired through work to answer the needs of each division/group.
In addition, Mizuho Securities is developing various promotional activities based on duties at each workplace, by appointing the person in charge of DEI promotion at each department/branch office.

Promoting active involvement of diverse talent

  • At Mizuho Securities, we strive to support the work–life balance of employees caring for children and other family members.
  • We have set numerical targets to further promote female employee representation. We organize training for female employees, providing support at each career stage to provide opportunities to further their careers and empower them to realize their full potential and serve in leadership positions.
  • In addition, the entire Mizuho group supports wide–ranging employee–initiated networking activities, including LGBT + ally activities, efforts to promote the active participation of women, globalization efforts, and initiatives to leverage technology to create value.
  • Click here to see our group initiatives to promote the employment and advancement of diverse talent.

Numerical Targets

Description Target Deadline Latest achievements (FY22)
Percentage of management positions filled by women (general manager equivalent)*1*2 14% March 2026 9%
Percentage of management positions filled by women (manager equivalent and above)*1 21% March 2026 19%
Description Maintain current level Current proportion (FY22)
Percentage of management positions
filled by employees hired outside Japan*3
83% 84%
Percentage of women in new graduates hired*1 *4 30% 31%
Percentage of paid annual leave taken by employees*1 70% 78%
Percentage of eligible male employees who take childcare leave*1 100% 104%

*1 Total for Japan (Mizuho Financial Group, Mizuho Bank, Mizuho Trust & Banking, Mizuho Securities and Mizuho Research & Technologies)
*2 General managers and equivalent roles
*3 Ratio of locally hired employees in management positions at outside Japan. (Mizuho Bank, Mizuho Trust & Banking, and Mizuho Securities)
*4 Joined company in April 2023

Mizuho conducts training programs to prepare female employees for managerial positions.

Mizuho conducts training programs to prepare female employees for managerial positions.

Main Activities

Promotion of female employee

  • Implementation of career education and support for female employees
  • Implementation of various support in career development operations
  • Promoting networking activities among female employees

Enhancement of work–life balance

Enhancement of multi-national and cultural diversity

  • Enhancement of cultural diversity

Enhancement of balancing work and family

  • Enhancement of childcare and nursing care related systems
  • Providing follow up support for female employees to attend seminars for childcare leave etc.
  • Providing support for employees after childcare leave
  • Promoting networking activities among working mothers


Sharing information/changes in the consciousness

  • Opening diversity forum on intra-ne

- Introducing examples and roll-models
- Sharing information and hold guidance on diversity

  • Starting management training program of spreading diversity mind







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