Investment Banking Business

Investment Banking Business

Offering cutting–edge investment banking services of the highest–quality to clients around the world

The Global Investment Banking Division at Mizuho Securities comprises "coverage" units, which nurture relationships with clients, and "products" units, which create highly–specialized solutions for clients.

These units work in harmony to provide sophisticated investment banking services, including equity and bond financing through capital markets and M&A advisory services as part of management strategies to meet increasingly diverse and complex client needs.

Bond Underwriting

Mizuho Securities has earned a first–class reputation as an industry leader in bond underwriting operations backed by proven skills in proposing solutions inherently–suited to market conditions and issuer needs, an ability to determine prices that accurately reflect investor demands, an incomparable responsiveness to market changes, and a strong track record in bond sales.


Presence in bond underwriting operations

Mizuho Securities is currently ranked No. 8 (No. 1 as a Japanese securities company) in terms of US corporate bond DCM league tables for FY18.

US corporate bonds: bonds externally–rated as investment grade and above issued by US corporations with issuance amounting to at least USD 250 million. However, this excludes emerging debt, corporate treasury debt, and sole lead manager deals.

Mizuho Securities named Yen Bond House of the Year (2018) by IFR for its track record in global yen–denominated bond business Mizuho Securities named Bond House of the Year (FY18) in recognition of its initiatives in hybrid bonds and ESG bonds in addition to its track record as No. 1 in league tables for total domestic bonds from public offerings.

* IFR is one of the most authoritative financial data vendors in the world. Yen Bond House recognizes the house with the most distinguished track record in underwriting of yen–denominated bonds issued mainly by overseas companies and governments, etc.

* DealWatch is an on–screen news service in Japanese reporting in real time on capital raising activities of Japanese companies and regional governments, as well as non–Japanese issuers.

Mizuho's initiatives related to Sustainable finance

Equity Underwriting

Mizuho Securities has achieved sector–leading performance in equity underwriting operations, serving as a lead underwriter in a number of large finance deals thanks to superior underwriting knowhow and strong equity selling power both in Japan and overseas. We also provide extensive support to companies transitioning from private to public.

M&A Advisory

Mizuho Securities has a top–class track record in M&A advisory business, underpinned by cutting–edge knowledge and expertise that enables us to offer clients advice in line with their management strategies.
Our advisory services reach far beyond Japan's borders, to cross–border deals, which have experienced a substantial increase in recent years.

Structured Finance

Mizuho Securities has also achieved a strong track record and earned a first–class reputation in structured finance operations, particularly regarding the securitization of various financial assets such as monetary claims and real estate. Accordingly, we have lived up to our reputation as a front–runner in Japan’s securitization market.



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