Learning Programs


Because our people are our greatest strength, we support them through programs ranging from a few hours to a few years. Here’s a snapshot of just some of our ongoing curriculum:


Operational Excellence
This program helps employees develop a “Kaizen” attitude and talent for continuous improvement, critical thinking, and innovation.

Language Skills e-Learning
Our Rosetta Stone licenses offer a scalable e-Learning platform for beginner to intermediate learners in 24 languages.

Personal Effectiveness
Our curriculum consists of modules in Personal Effectiveness, Leadership, People Management, Technical Financial, and Systems and Software training.

Effective Communication
This course helps teams identify different work styles to build better interpersonal relationships, prioritize trust and open communication and establish mutual expectations.

This club empowers individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders. Each session offers a safe environment for members to develop their communication skills, for greater confidence and personal growth.

Personal Branding
This course is designed to inform and reinforce one’s “personal brand”. Employees learn the importance of marketing themselves and their careers as brands to then create and advertise.

Lunch + Learns
This series helps employees meet and learn from their colleagues and Mizuho leaders. Learners have an opportunity to more intimately participate in conversations regarding the specifics of Mizuho.

Expat + Cultural Courses
This series gives expatriate staff a deeper understanding of the motivations, culture, language, ways of thinking and business processes of their colleagues.

Continuing Education + Tuition Reimbursement
This program encourages employees to pursue higher education outside Mizuho, with reimbursement for up to six credits per semester.



Global Potential
This 2-year program targets talent aspiring to be leadership through an international assignment, especially in emerging markets.

Global Opportunity
This program gives employees the opportunity to gain work experience in Japan and build the bridge between their office and Head Office.

Global Mobility
This program promotes associates with cross-border experience to enhance global knowledge and provide a better understanding of business styles in a different culture.

Global Manager Pool
This group consists of employees wanting to propel Mizuho’s overseas business forward by understanding the trends, opportunities, and risks facing their business worldwide.

Advanced Leadership
This leadership training taps candidates willing to rise up to the leadership challenge, stay resilient, and be the agents of change that will drive the culture and future of Mizuho.

Technical Training
Our technical courses range from credit risk analysis and management to analyst tools.



Leading at the Speed of TrustTM
This workshop improves both individual skills to inspire organizational change. It teaches employees, managers and leaders pragmatic, practical, and actionable ways to affect trust and culture.

Leaders Excellence Program
This forum supports people leaders in building new leadership skills. Meeting on a regular basis for a full year, members benefit from leadership training, peer-to-peer learning, learning from leaders, networking and relationship building.

Velocity Leadership Program
The program helps high-potential employees understand the difference between being a manager and being a genuine leader.


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