We have significant experience in the derivatives market, consistently holding approximately 4% of the interbank interest-rate swaps market over the past decade. 

As a CFTC-registered Swap Dealer and leader in derivatives services, we provide highly customized service, competitive pricing, and reliable and efficient trade execution. We meet client requirements by acting as the intermediary between our global investor base and significant corporate client base—as well as public sector and financial institutions. 


For our corporate clients, we provide hedging solutions, focusing on liability risk management and structured deposits. For all our clients, we determine the most effective funding strategies, from origination and underwriting to interest rate and cross-currency hedging activities. We gauge a wide variety of issuer- and market-specific factors, while our syndicate desk forms pricing strategies and manages the execution of a transaction. 

From idea generation and origination to structuring and execution

Comprehensive risk management solutions in international capital markets

Our team of derivatives, debt capital markets and credit specialists provide our clients with:

  • Fair value hedges, including fixed/float single and cross-currency swaps, float/float cross–currency basis swaps and option monetization
  • Cash flow hedges, including float/fixed, single and cross-currency swaps, basis swaps, caps, floors and collars
  • Pre–issuance hedges, including treasury locks, forward starting swaps and swaptions
  • Net investment hedges, including fixed/fixed and float/float cross-currency swaps
  • Commodity hedges with swaps, WTI, natural gas, aluminum and copper
  • Overnight Index Swaps
  • Basis Swaps
  • Cross Currency Swaps
  • Interest Rate Options
  • Structured Products

Our services are supported by:

  • CFTC-registered Swap Dealer and leading provider of derivatives services
  • 24-hour trading capabilities with operations in the New York, London and Hong Kong, enabling us to execute seamlessly during prime liquidity hours
  • Competitive quotes and prompt pricing based on industry standard method
  • Confidential execution
  • Full back office functionality to respond to clients rapidly and with maximum flexibility. This includes operations, risk, system development, legal and compliance support
  • Well-equipped with industry-standard advanced infrastructures, such as LCH Clearing Membership, DTCC, MarkitWire and STP

Derivatives and hedging products are offered through Mizuho’s CFTC-registered swap dealer. Please see our disclosures regarding swaps.

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