Mizuho to Open a Washington, D.C. Office

October 3, 2017

Tokyo, October 3, 2017 – Mizuho Bank, Ltd. (MHBK) today announced the opening of a representative office in Washington, D.C. to coordinate its public affairs activities including international affairs and economic, financial and trade policies. This office helps the bank tap into a number of private companies that are working with think tanks, law firms, industry associations and international institutions to gather and analyze information pertaining to the US policies, legislation and other political developments and make recommendations.   

Since 1953, when one of its legacy banks, Fuji Bank, established an office in the U.S., MHBK has successfully developed business in the country focusing mainly on Japanese subsidiaries and large US companies. It established a bank holding company in 2016 and reorganized the major US subsidiaries under it. It seeks to expand business through the collaboration of banking, securities and trust services in the world’s largest financial market to further enhance its presence as a global financial participant.   Mizuho is enhancing its research and consulting function in order to establish itself as a financial services consulting group. The new office in Washington, D.C., will enable us to update our clients on the latest trends and provide integrated research and consulting solutions for their global business development.

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