Steve Ricchiuto on Bloomberg Markets: The Close (Starts at 17:30)

July 28, 2023

Romaine Bostick & Katie Greifeld bring you the latest news and analysis leading up to the final minutes and seconds before and after the closing bell on Wall Street and tackle 'Goldilocks' US economic data, the future of M&A and Crocs stumbles after earnings. Guests Today: Win Thin of Brown Brothers Harriman, Phil Orlando of Federated Hermes, Steven Ricchiuto of Mizuho Americas, Francisco Blanch of Bank of America, Erin Lash of Morningstar Research, Nisha Patel of Parametric, Tom Thornton of Hedge Fund Telemetry, Sam Yagan of Corazon Capital, Laura Champine of Loop Capital, Christopher Ailman of Calstrs, Jane McAlevey, Former AFL-CIO Organizer and Thai Randolph, Hartbeat CEO.

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