Purchase of Shares in Isuzu Motors Limited

April 11, 2006

Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd. hereby announces that it will purchase issued and outstanding shares in Isuzu Motors Limited from General Motors, as described below:

Details of the Purchase

Class :Issued and Outstanding Common Stock of Isuzu Motors Limited
Number of Shares :10,090,000
Total Purchase Price :Approximately JPY 4 billion

Recently, General Motors requested Mizuho Corporate Bank to purchase a portion of the shares General Motors holds in Isuzu Motors Limited. As Isuzu's main bank, Mizuho Corporate Bank has decided to purchase the shares, in the aim of facilitating further stabilization of the business management of Isuzu.
The increase stabilization of Isuzu's business management will allow Isuzu to maintain the corporate value of the company, and accordingly, Mizuho Corporate Bank has decided to acquire the subject shares.

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