Mizuho Bank begins providing Mizuho Eco Finance services to Eneos Holdings

December 24, 2020

Mizuho Bank, Ltd. (President & CEO: Koji Fujiwara) today began providing Mizuho Eco Finance* services to Eneos Holdings, Inc. (Representative Director, President: Katsuyuki Ota). This deal marks the first financing provided via Mizuho Eco Finance in the energy industry, including the petroleum industry.

At Mizuho, our proactive dialogue/engagement with clients has allowed us to develop a deep understanding of our clients’ challenges and needs. We actively provide a diverse range of solutions to support clients’ SDG and ESG–related initiatives and innovations.

Mizuho Eco Finance is an environmental evaluation and financing product designed to allow us to work together with clients toward a low–carbon society. Through this product, Mizuho provides financing to clients who meet a certain minimum score based on our scoring system, which utilizes an environmental assessment model developed by Mizuho Information & Research Institute, Inc. to evaluate client initiatives and benchmarks via a globally accepted environmental verification and evaluation program.

This is Mizuho Bank’s 12th Mizuho Eco Finance deal, bringing our total financing under this initiative to JPY 534 billion.

Mizuho has evaluated Eneos highly based on the high levels Eneos achieved on the metrics of our environmental evaluation model. Relevant factors included Eneos' endorsement of the Task Force on Climate–related Financial Disclosures Recommendations in May 2019; their disclosure of the CO2 emissions for their entire supply chain by fiscal year; and their 2040 Eneos Group Long–Term Vision, which sets forth their envisioned goal of contributing to development of a low-carbon, recycling-oriented society and their bold vision for pursuing carbon neutral status in their own CO2 emissions.

At Mizuho, we will draw on our expertise as a financial services group to proactively provide financing support, including sustainable finance and environment finance, as well as advice and solutions for strengthening and shifting businesses towards decarbonization.

*Mizuho Eco Finance:
See our press release dated June 28, 2019: “Announcing the launch of Mizuho Eco Finance”.


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