Mizuho invests in Japan Tourism Fund 1

October 11, 2023

Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
Patience Capital Group Pte. Ltd.

MIZUHO Sustainability Action

Mizuho Bank, Ltd. (President & CEO: Masahiko Kato; hereafter "Mizuho Bank") and Patience Capital Group Pte. Ltd. (CEO & CIO: Ken Chan Chen Wei; hereafter "PCG") are pleased to announce that Mizuho Bank has made a 2.5 billion Japanese yen investment in Japan Tourism Fund 1 (JTF1), a dedicated investment fund focused on tourism–related assets in Japan managed by PCG.

JTF1 has been established in response to the surge in inbound tourism to Japan with the core objective of contributing to the regional development of Japan's burgeoning tourism resources. Through strategic and impactful investments, JTF1 aims to foster and develop enticing tourism projects across Japan, thereby rejuvenating local communities.

Through JTF1’s initiatives, Mizuho Bank hopes that the appeal of tourism resources in Japan will be brought out to the full extent and communicated both domestically and globally and that the areas invested in will see an increasing number of visitors and people employed, which will contribute to regional revitalization, thereby enriching Japan as a whole.

Mizuho is not only working for its valued customers by providing funds smoothly and offering business support through its nationwide and global networks, but is also working to revitalize the local economy through close collaboration with municipal governments. Through the investment in JTF1, Mizuho Bank aims to build cooperative relationships with local communities to proactively address the challenges regional economies are facing due to population decrease, and thereby contribute to the revival of those local economies and communities.

PCG is fully committed to ensuring the resounding success of JTF1 by drawing upon its extensive investment experience, specialized expertise, and well–established networks. PCG eagerly anticipates continuing its collaborative endeavors not only to enrich regional development but also to enhance the overall allure of Japan.

Overview of JTF1

Name Japan Tourism Fund 1
Fund Size Approximately 35 billion Japanese yen (including 2.5 billion Japanese yen investment by Mizuho Bank)
Fund Manager Patience Capital Group Pte. Ltd.
Target Investment Tourism-related assets in Japan

Overview of PCG

Name of company Patience Capital Group Pte. Ltd.
Head office Singapore
CEO & CIO Ken Chan Chen Wei
Year of establishment 2019
Main business Fund management of Japanese real estate market, specializing in Japan's tourism-related assets and residential properties in the heart of Tokyo and the metropolitan area, real estate development advisory and project consulting services
URL https://patiencecapital.group/

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