Pablo Mejia, Vice President

Pablo Mejia

Vice President

Information Technology



18 years


Vendor packages


City University of New York

What do you do at Mizuho?
My job as part of Systems Development is to implement and support software packages used by the bank. We’re constantly looking for software solutions that can improve our business processes.

What surprised you about Mizuho?
I was most surprised by the attitude towards innovation and management’s support for newer technology.

What are Mizuho's culture and people like?
Mizuho culture is one based on professional focus and excellence—a culture where attention to detail and compliance are paramount.

What is the first thing you read everyday?

I like to get up to speed on the important events of the day by browsing the news articles from sites like Bloomberg.  I also like to peak at foreign news reporting sites like France 24 and Deutsche Welle to get a different perspective of world events.

How is Mizuho different from other places you've worked?
It has an emphasis on organization and process methodology. Also, the technology expertise throughout all management levels helps foster a very objective and forward-looking decision-making environment.

Tell us about something you've learned from another culture while traveling.

While visiting Vietnam, I noticed the thousands of motorcycles that transit on the city streets every day. I noticed the way they interacted with other motorcycles, automobiles and pedestrians.  While, at first, it seemed like chaos, I then noticed that all they moved in great coordination. It became apparent that people had mastered the idea of teamwork and issue resolution to a point that it had become engrained skills.

What do you do for fun when you're not at work?
When I'm not at work, I enjoy sports. Depending on the time of the year, I may be running, playing tennis or snowboarding in Vermont. I also enjoy traveling to unique places where most people do not go.

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