2023 Holiday Calendar

Jan 1 (Sun) New Year’s Day
  2 (Mon) Bank Holiday
  3 (Tue) Bank Holiday
  9 (Mon) Coming–of–Age Day
Feb 11 (Sat) National Foundation Day
  23 (Thu) Emperor's Birthday
Mar 21 (Tue) Vernal Equinox Day
Apr 29 (Sat) Showa Day
May 3 (Wed) Constitution Memorial Day
  4 (Thu) Greenery Day
  5 (Fri) Children's Day
Jul 17 (Mon) Marine Day
Aug 11 (Fri) Mountain Day
Sep 18 (Mon) Respect for the Aged Day
  23 (Sat) Autumnal Equinox Day
Oct 9 (Mon) Sports Day
Nov 3 (Fri) Culture Day
  23 (Thu) Labor Thanksgiving Day
Dec 31 (Sun) Bank Holiday


Mizuho Bank is open five days a week from Monday to Friday except the above listed holidays.

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