2024 Holiday Calendar

Jan 1 (Mon) New Year’s Day
  2 (Tue) Bank Holiday
  3 (Wed) Bank Holiday
  8 (Mon) Coming-of-Age Day
Feb 11 (Sun) National Foundation Day
  12 (Mon) National Foundation Day (Feb. 11) observed
  23 (Fri) Emperor's Birthday
Mar 20 (Wed) Vernal Equinox Day
Apr 29 (Mon) Showa Day
May 3 (Fri) Constitution Memorial Day
  4 (Sat) Greenery Day
  5 (Sun) Children’s Day
  6 (Mon) Children’s Day (May. 5) observed
Jul 15 (Mon) Marine Day
Aug 11 (Sun) Mountain Day
  12 (Mon) Mountain Day (Aug. 11) observed
Sep 16 (Mon) Respect for the Aged Day
  22 (Sun) Autumnal Equinox Day
  23 (Mon) Autumnal Equinox Day (Sep. 22) observed
Oct 14 (Mon) Sports Day
Nov 3 (Sun) Culture Day
  4 (Mon) Culture Day (Nov. 3) observed
  23 (Sat) Labor Thanksgiving Day
Dec 31 (Tue) Bank Holiday


Mizuho Bank is open five days a week from Monday to Friday except the above listed holidays.

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