Capital Management, Shareholder Return Policy and Dividend Information

Capital Management and Shareholder Return Policy

We have been pursuing the optimum balance between capital adequacy, growth investment and enhancement of shareholder return, and set forth our shareholder return policy of progressive dividends being our principal approach while executing flexible and intermittent share buybacks. In addition, as for the dividends, we will decide based on the steady growth of our stable earnings base, taking 40% of the dividend payout ratio as a guide into consideration. As for share buybacks, we will consider our business results and capital adequacy, our stock price and the opportunities for growth investment in determining the execution.

Dividend Information

Term-end cash dividend payment commencement date for the fiscal year ending March 2024:Thursday, June 6, 2024.

*   Shareholders who have opted to receive dividends via bank account or securities account deposit will receive them on the payment commencement date. Shareholders who receive dividends by Dividend Receipts, may not receive them until after the payment commencement date in the case of delay in postal mail delivery. There is no such potential delay when receiving dividends via bank account or securities account deposit, and therefore we recommend this method of receipt. To change the method by which you receive dividends, please follow the instructions provided under the Contact List.

Mizuho Financial Group*1
Fiscal Year Cash Dividends Declared per Share
  Interim The Term End
FY2024(est.) JPY115.0 JPY57.5 JPY57.5
FY2023 JPY105.0 JPY50.0 JPY55.0
FY2022 JPY85.0 JPY42.5 JPY42.5
FY2021 JPY80.0 JPY40.0 JPY40.0
FY2020*4 JPY3.75 JPY37.5
FY2019 JPY7.5 JPY3.75 JPY3.75
FY2018 JPY7.5 JPY3.75 JPY3.75
FY2017 JPY7.5 JPY3.75 JPY3.75
FY2016 JPY7.5 JPY3.75 JPY3.75
FY2015 JPY7.5 JPY3.75 JPY3.75
FY2014 JPY7.5 JPY3.5 JPY4
FY2013 JPY6.5 JPY3 JPY3.5
FY2010 JPY6 JPY6
FY2009 JPY8 JPY8
FY 2008 *2 JPY10 JPY10
FY 2007 JPY10,000 JPY10,000
FY 2006 JPY7,000 JPY7,000
FY 2005 JPY4,000 JPY4,000
FY 2004 JPY3,500 JPY3,500
FY 2003 JPY3,000 JPY3,000
FY 2002 JPY0 JPY0
Mizuho Holdings*1
Fiscal Year Cash Dividends Declared per Share
  Interim The Term End
FY 2002 JPY0
FY 2001 JPY3,500 JPY0 JPY3,500
FY 2000 JPY7,000*3 JPY3,500*3 JPY3,500*3

*1:   By the stock–for–stock exchange on Mar 12, 2003, Mizuho Financial Group, Inc. became the parent company of Mizuho Holdings, Inc. and was listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange (1st Section) and Osaka Securities Exchange. Mizuho Holdings, Inc. was delisted on Mar 6, 2003. The dividend forecast of Mizuho Financial Group shown above indicates figures after the stock–for–stock exchange.

*2:   We have conducted an "allotment of shares or fractions of a share without consideration" (from 1 share to 1,000 shares) in Jan 2009.

*3:   "Stock transfer payments" were paid to Common Shareholders of DKB, FUJI and IBJ as of Sep 27, 2000 instead of interim cash dividends for FY 1999. Calculation of Annual Dividend considers "Stock transfer payments."

*4:   MHFG adopted the share consolidation of the shares of common stock on the basis of one post-consolidation share per ten pre-consolidation shares effective as of October 1, 2020. The impact from the share consolidation is reflected in the Cash Dividends per Share of Common Stock for the end of fiscal 2020. If the share consolidation were not taken into consideration, it would be JPY3.75. In addition, MHFG left the value of total annual dividend blank(–) as it is inappropriate simply to total the value of the dividend at the end of the first half of fiscal 2020 and the value of the dividend at the end of the fiscal 2020.

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