Our Approach

At Mizuho, we have demonstrated our commitment to advancing CSR initiatives that contribute to Environmental, Social, and Governance efforts (ESG), as well as the fulfillment of the sustainable development goals (SDGs). In April 2019, we incorporated these initiatives as a key part of our strategy, changing the promotional keyword from "CSR" to "sustainability", and resolved to tie sustainability initiatives even more closely to our strategy.

Basic Approach for Sustainability Initiatives

After deliberation at the Executive Management Committee and the Board of Directors, Mizuho Financial Group (our holding company) established a Basic Policy on Sustainability Initiatives to define our basic approach and methods for advancing sustainability initiatives. Our group companies have adopted the same policy.

The policy sets forth our definition of sustainability and our basic approach for sustainability initiatives as below.

Sustainability for Mizuho

Mizuho's sustainable and steady growth, environmental conservation, and the sustainable development and prosperity of the economy, industry, and society both in Japan and around the world.

Basic approach for sustainability initiatives

By addressing key sustainability areas from a long–term perspective, Mizuho shall engage in management practices that take into consideration value creation for various stakeholders and shall work to improve our corporate value through the sustainable and steady growth of Mizuho. This in turn will contribute to environmental conservation and the sustainable development and prosperity of the economy, industry, and society both in Japan and around the world.

Mizuho shall implement initiatives for key sustainability areas following the below approaches.

  • In regards to the economy, industry, society, and environment, Mizuho shall endeavor to increase its positive impacts and decrease its negative impacts, both direct and indirect.
  • Mizuho, as a financial group, shall especially focus on indirect impacts it generates through provision of financial and other services and through dialogue with clients (engagement). It shall provide its clients with multi–faceted support for initiatives addressing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) concerns.
  • In the event of a conflict of interest or differences of opinions among stakeholders in regards to impacts and the timeframe for implementation, the group shall make a comprehensive decision by taking into account the circumstances or situation as well as international frameworks, agreements, or consensus and employing a long–term perspective towards harmony with the economy, industry, society, and environment.


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