Business Strategies by Company/Unit


Retail & Business Banking Company

To realize the wishes, hopes, and growth of our customers, we will aim to be a partner that helps retail customers design their lives, and a strategic partner for corporate clients' business structure transformation, growth strategy, and business succession needs.

Corporate & Institutional Company

By supporting our clients’ continuous growth, we will establish a reputation as the most trusted bank in the corporate and institutional sector and keep evolving in order to demonstrate our true worth as a value co-creation partner.

Global Corporate Company

As a strategic partner supporting our clients’ global businesses, we will leverage our extensive international network and our group-wide capabilities to provide financial solutions and achieve continuous growth.

Global Markets Company

As a partner with expert knowledge of market mechanisms and the ability to draw on a range of intermediary functions, we will further integrate our banking, trust banking, and securities capabilities to offer the best products and services for our clients’ varied needs.

Asset Management Company

Becoming our customers’ best partner for medium- to long-term asset formation while positively contributing to the realization of a sustainable society and economy through asset management.

Global Products Unit

We aim to be a team of professionals offering optimal solutions by closely tracking changes in industry and society, demonstrating sophisticated expertise in each product area, and integrating global intragroup functions.

Research & Consulting Unit

With our deep knowledge of industry, corporations, economics, and financial markets and our high-level expertise in business strategy, sustainability, digital transformation, mathematics and data science, and similar fields, we provide new value responding to rapid changes in client needs and social issues.

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