Business strategies by in-house company/unit


Retail & Business Banking Company

We will address challenges arising from the social and business environments surrounding our customers around the world, such as the new era of longer lifespans, sustainability transformation, digital transformation, and asset and business succession, by efficiently allocating corporate resources and undertaking growth investment to sustainably grow our customer base as we endeavor to shift to a phase of business growth and expansion. This will enable us to contribute to improved personal well-being for individual customers and support the growth strategies and business transformation of corporate clients.

Corporate & Investment Banking Company

In order to further strengthen our ability to meet the increasingly diverse and complex needs of our clients, we established the new Corporate & Investment Banking Company by integrating the Corporate & Institutional Company with the investment banking functions of the Global Products Unit. Increasing public interest in sustainability and other social issues is accelerating various structural shifts. By resolving social issues and supporting clients to enhance their corporate value, we will contribute to the sustainable growth and prosperity of industry, the economy, and society as a whole.

Global Corporate & Investment Banking Company

As a strategic partner supporting our clients' global businesses, we will leverage our firm presence in the US capital markets and our extensive network in Asian economic zones to provide comprehensive financial
solutions to clients in each region. In addition, we will use engagement as a means of supporting their business development and transition to decarbonization, while also helping to resolve social issues.

Global Markets Company

Regarding our sales and trading business, we will enhance our ability to respond to diversifying client needs by further acceleration of integrated banking and securities operations in each region, and boost our capacity to provide market solutions, and to pursue digitalization.
With respect to our banking operations, under the situation in which highly uncertain market conditions are expected to continue, we will realize stable earnings by controlling risks through flexible operations by early warning signals management and close market analyses.

Asset Management Company

To cultivate asset formation and management that meets customers' needs, we will further strengthen our investment capabilities through selection and concentration attuned to the demands of the times, while enhancing our product lineup and provision of solutions. We will aim to grow the asset management business further by responding as part of a unified group, including long-term asset formation for individual customers that benefits from the support of the tax system for Nippon Individual Savings Accounts (NISAs) and individual-type defined contribution pension plans (iDeCo), and investment diversification needs including alternative investments for institutional investors.

Global Transaction Banking Unit

The Global Transaction Banking Unit was set up as a dedicated unit to respond precisely to needs in relation to transaction banking business, which are increasing in sophistication and complexity globally. We aim to establish a new, highly secure and convenient business domain in which we take advantage of advancing digitalization while continuing to provide reliable settlement services.

Research & Consulting Unit

Mizuho will differentiate itself by setting its sights one step ahead as it endeavors to solve the issues of its clients and society. To that end, we will deliver distinctive research content and provide highly specialized consulting services in response to rising social, economic, and industrial uncertainty and the changing needs of our clients.

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