Business Strategies by Company/Unit


Retail & Business Banking Company

To realize the wishes, hopes, and growth of our customers, we will aim to be a partner that helps retail customers design their lives, and a strategic partner for corporate clients' growth strategy and business succession needs.

Corporate & Institutional Company

As a strategic partner for business development, we are aiming to achieve our vision of collaborative value creation and partnerships with our clients and contribute to the sustainable development of Japan's economy, industries, and society.

Global Corporate Company

As a strategic partner supporting our clients' global business development, we will work with our clients to realize the potential of the cross–regional value chain.

Global Markets Company

As a partner with expert knowledge of market mechanisms and the ability to draw on a range of intermediary functions, we will further integrate our banking, trust banking, and securities capabilities to offer the best products and services for our clients' varied needs.

Asset Management Company

In an era of lengthening lifespans, we will support customers' medium– to long–term asset formation to contribute to growth in financial assets in Japan as part of a unified group.

Global Products Unit

We aim to leverage our sophisticated expertise as a team of specialists as we continue offering optimal solutions that are aligned with client needs.

Research & Consulting Unit

Fulfilling our role as a knowledge navigator by co–creating value with clients and society, while aiming to make Mizuho a stronger and more resilient financial group.

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