Global Transaction Banking Unit


The Global Transaction Banking Unit was set up as a dedicated unit to respond precisely to needs in relation to transaction banking business, which are increasing in sophistication and complexity globally. We aim to establish a new, highly secure and convenient business domain in which we take advantage of advancing digitalization while continuing to provide reliable settlement services.

Business overview

The Global Transaction Banking Unit provides a range of solutions in the transaction banking area including settlement, cash management, securities management, and trade finance for corporate clients in Japan and elsewhere around the world.


  • Providing financial products in a client-oriented and multi-layered way, and offering sophisticated product expertise
  • Ability to provide solutions on a global basis, by leveraging networks both in Japan and around the world
  • Recognized as top rated bank in custody and trade finance business both in the Japanese and broader Asian markets

Measures to achieve medium-term business plan

We will constantly work to maintain and reinforce our settlement infrastructure and platform in order to provide stable settlement services as a form of social infrastructure. In addition, we will endeavor to create next-generation business opportunities by offering solutions that address global changes in trade flows, supply chains, and regulations, and also responding flexibly to trends including new settlement technologies or settlement service providers.

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