Our people and organization

Nobuhiro Kaminoyama

Our people are Mizuho's largest and most robust corporate resource. By becoming an even more inclusive organization where every employee can grow in their own way and where employees from a variety of backgrounds can actively participate, we are endeavoring to expand our human capital so that we can provide value sustainably to our customers and society.

Considering the environment surrounding our people and the organization

Mizuho has caused considerable inconvenience to our customers due to the occurrence of multiple IT system failures in Japan. On the internal side of this, Mizuho's employees were let down, and with Mizuho losing the trust of customers many employees lost their own confidence. We are now at the stage of reviewing our HR management so that employees can once again look forward and stride confidently toward the sustainable growth of our people and the organization.

Two approaches to value

To achieve the above, there are two approaches that I hold as important.

The first is for each employee to think of themselves as the protagonist of their own story and consider what kind of person they want to become—in other words, valuing the narratives of employees. HR management cannot be achieved only through the company’s efforts. HR management only becomes effective when employees take the initiative as a responsible party and connect this to their own daily activities. The aim is for employees and the company to both face the same direction and to achieve growth together.

The second approach is ensuring thorough implementation of strategic HR. We will look ahead to the future of society, the environment, and the economy, and develop personnel who will support Mizuho's business from a long–term perspective. In addition, we will pursue both the strength of individuals and the strength of teams that bring individuals' capabilities together.

Three key initiatives for the sustainable growth of our people and the organization

In doing so, we will focus on the following three points: (1) Becoming a group of professionals in which each employee has a high level of expertise and proactively takes action; (2) Providing an even more inclusive workplace where the ideas and values of employees from diverse backgrounds are mutually accepted and respected in order to maximize the overall capacity of Mizuho as an organization; and (3) Ensuring Mizuho employees feel supported in the workplace.

We have comprehensively reviewed our existing HR management and have already launched a number of new measures. We are thoroughly integrating feedback from employees to improve and reform HR management and systems without being bound by precedents.

Through this series of continuous initiatives, we will endeavor to further expand our human capital in a sustainable manner.

Initiatives and approaches for the sustainable growth of our people and the organization



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