Activities at Offices Outside Japan and Other Activities

Mizuho is implementing a wide range of efforts to support the need to improve financial literacy in countries around the world including.

Details of main initiatives

  • Offering workplace experience field trips and financial classes targeting Japanese schools and local school
  • Delivering lectures relating to finance and economics at universities

Leading financial and economic education workshops for underserved youth and adults

Financial and Economic Education in India

PhotoMHBK has been conducting ‘Financial Literacy Program’ (FLP) since in FY12 from Mumbai. Later it was expanded to its India network of 5 branches. Content for FLP is developed by ‘the Reserve Bank of India’ (RBI), India's Central Bank, as part of its Financial Inclusion Plan. BHBK's content is based on RBI's educational material and adapted to meet the needs of the target audience. FLS session are made very interactive to encourage students' active participation and each participant is provided with reference books for further engagement with the subject.

MHBK partners with several development organizations (NGOs) & schools across India through its 5 branches (Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and New Delhi). The purpose of such FLP sessions is to teach under–served students and youth about topics of importance such as basic banking and bank account management, handling currency notes, household budget management, prudent spending and saving and some aspects of insurance. MHBK also arranges educational visits for the students from partner schools to RBI's ‘Financial Inclusion Research Center’ in Bangalore, ‘Digital Gallery’ in Chennai and ‘Monetary Museum’ in Mumbai.

It is MHBK's earnest belief that with such awareness on financial literacy, students and young adults can be well equipped to take charge of their finances, make effective use of monetary resources as well as mitigate risks emanating from financial frauds. Hence an early start with the students lays a strong foundation about financial literacy.

Financial and Economic Education in New York Area

PhotoMizuho's New York area employees share their knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm as volunteers year–round. During 2018, Mizuho partnered with local nonprofits at least once a month to provide training and assistance to underserved students and adults totaling about 550 hours. 162 Mizuho employees educated students about personal financial responsibility and workforce readiness, covering a range of subjects such as how to pay for college, personal money management, basic entrepreneurship, as well as resume preparation and interview skills.

Initiatives Geared toward Teachers

With the aim of spreading financial tuition across many more educational front lines, Mizuho implements a raft of initiatives geared toward teaching staff.

Lectures held at faculty of education, Tokyo Gakugei University

PhotoUnder a joint research project, Mizuho has been offering a liberal arts frontier course at Tokyo Gakugei University's Faculty of Education since 2007. On this course, the intention is to enhance tuition relating to careers and life plans involving financial knowledge to students who wish in the future to become school teachers.

Supporting the training given to teaching staff

PhotoSince 2013, Mizuho Securities has been supporting private–sector teacher training organized by the Keizai Koho Center (Japan Institute for Social and Economic Affairs). During the training, in addition to discussions about the content of the financial and economic tuition program and work experience, lectures were held to raise the level of financial literacy. Also, to deepen understanding of corporate activities, lectures were presented on Sustainability, information management and other subjects.

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