Environmental business initiatives

Promoting environmental friendliness in society as a whole through our business activities

It is essential for companies to ensure due consideration for the environment as they engage in their regular business activities, including addressing climate change, and encouraging recycling and the conservation of biodiversity. For many years we have been actively involved in financing projects that generate renewable energy in Japan and around the world, as well as the support of environmental and energy–related policy.

In recent years, in light of increasing interest in ESG topics we leverage our expertise as a global financial services group to provide financial products, services, and consulting to support the environmental initiatives of our clients.

Group company environmental businesses
  Environmental finance Consulting services, surveys and research Investment products development and sales
  • Provision of loan products that are environmentally conscious
  • Environmentally related project finance (renewable energy)
  • Environmental business matching
  • Consulting on emission credit–related business (efforts to expand the scope of bilateral credit systems, etc.)
  • Lineup of SRI funds offered as investment products for defined contribution pension plans
  • Entrustment of ESG investment trust
  • Support for issuance of sustainability bond
  • Provision of financing methods aimed at spreading the use of alternative energy sources
  • Sales of ESG funds
Asset Management One    
  • Promotion of ESG Investment
  • Surveys and research relating to environmental issues, resources and energy
  • Surveys, research and consulting relating to environmental issues, resources and energy
  • Support for clarifying CO2 emissions using the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) method
  • Support for environmental vision and environmental medium–term planning
  • Support for disclosure of non–financial information
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