Coming–of–Age Day Concert

Organizing the Coming–of–Age Day Concert Every Year

Mizuho holds a concert on Coming–of–Age Day every year. This started in 1990 to support young artists and expose young people to classical music as part of our efforts to nurture the next generation. Young artists are invited to perform, and young people who have turned 20 in the last year are invited to attend.

We held the 33rd concert on Coming–of–Age Day, Monday, January 10, 2022 at Suntory Hall.


Program for the 33rd concert

Part 1

Beethoven Piano Sonata No. 14 in C sharp minor "Moonlight"

  • Masaya Kamei

Photo (C): K. Miura

Part 2

New Year Viennese Waltz Concert "Welcome to the Prince Orlofsky Banquet"
~All the world is champagne bubbles~

  • Cast

        o Eisenstein: Teruhiko Komori (Baritone)

        o Rosalinda: Makiko Yoshime (Soprano)

        o Falke: Kei Yonashiro (Baritone)

        o Adele: Yui Takahashi (Soprano)

        o Frank: Kazuma Goto (Bass baritone)

        o Prince Orlofsky: Toshiyuki Muramatsu (Counter tenor)

        o Alfred: Mario Tashiro (Tenor)

        o Dinner guest: Kenji Urai

        o Dinner guest: Kei Aran

        o Conductor: Tetsuro Ban

        o Strings: Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra

        o Chorus: Special Chorus for the 2022 Coming–of–Age Day Concert

  • Choreogaphy: Tetsu Taoshita

Photo (C): K. Miura

Photo (C): K. Miura

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