Coming–of–Age Day Concert

Organizing the Coming–of–Age Day Concert Every Year

Mizuho holds a concert on Coming–of–Age Day every year. This started in 1990 to support young artists and expose classical music to young people as part of our efforts to nurture a good next generation. Young artists are invited to perform, and 150 people who have just come of age are invited to attend.

The theme of the 30th concert in 2019 was "Sketches of Spain".

In Part 1, 17–string Bass Koto (Japanese traditional zither) solo performance by Leo Konno and "The Four Seasons" by Antonio Vivaldi with four young soloists, Rika Masato, Kazuhito Yamane, Kaoru Oe, Tatsuki Narita (violin solo) with Chamber orchestra composed of the members of Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra that Ryuichiro Sonoda led.

In Part 2, Victor Hugo's novel "Les Miserables" in 60 minutes that was presented with songs from the musical and some opera arias was performed by Kouji–Oka, Shunsuke–Imaii, Kenji–Urai, Toru–Kaku, Kohei–Ichikawa, Rie–Shimozono, Naoki–Ikeda, Ai–Ishii, Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra and Tokyo City Phil Chor led by conductor Ryuichiro–Sonoda.

Violin – violoncello duet
Photo (C): k.Miura

Photo (C): k.Miura

Photo (C): k.Miura


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