Research & Consulting Unit

Motonori Wakabayashi Head of Research & Consulting Unit

Fulfilling our role as a knowledge navigator by co–creating value with clients and society, while aiming to make Mizuho a stronger and more resilient financial group.

Basic policy

Against the backdrop of structural shifts including digitalization, an aging population with a declining birthrate, and globalization, we are working to implement structural reforms in three areas—business structure, finance structure, and corporate foundations—by utilizing our expertise and organizational knowledge, while addressing the diversifying needs of clients to strengthen value chains both inside and outside our unit.

For our business structure reforms, we will focus our attention on four areas: enhancing the sophistication of research, enhancing consulting, the active use of IT and digital technologies, and revising client channels.

For the finance structure reforms, we are working to optimize our operations and resources to better align with the business conducted by each in–house company and their needs, in addition to our unit's independent business.

And thirdly, for the corporate foundations reforms, we are working to strengthen the capabilities of our personnel to resolve a range of client issues drawing on the strengths of the entire group, in addition to increasing productivity through efforts such as accelerating the integration of operations within the unit.

Business environment and challenges

In addition to structural shifts in society such as digitalization, an aging population with a declining birthrate, and globalization, and as the state of the economy in Japan and around the world grows increasingly uncertain, clients continue to face a range of issues which our unit's strengths can be leveraged to resolve.

For example, as clients expand into new business fields and geographical regions, our unit's industry expertise and globally focused research can provide clients with new management and business strategies, setting Mizuho apart from the competition as a strategic partner.

As a trusted partner sharing knowledge with our clients and society, we are committed to working together to create new value including in spaces that span finance and non–finance domains.

Progress on key strategies

Enhance the sophistication of research

By conducting thorough research and origination with a clear sense of purpose, we contribute to strengthening Mizuho's earnings power as well as our brand and reputation.

For this purpose, along with effectively consolidating the group's research functions to bolster our research capabilities, we are expanding our origination capabilities to capture research–related business in priority areas and new business areas linked to in–house company strategies.

Related SDGs

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Enhance consulting

As a means of increasing the underlying value of our consulting services, we are broadening our scope to include new offerings such as cross–sector support in Mobility as a Service and other fields, and digital consulting. At the same time, we are developing a framework for realizing a value chain–based model of consulting, which will enable us to leverage our consulting services to generate business for the entire Mizuho group.

Related SDGs

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Active use of IT/digital

We are driving the digital transformation of clients and Mizuho itself by leveraging the digital technology expertise of our unit.

For example, we are utilizing AI to enhance our research capabilities, continuing to promote the digitalization and data–based business of our clients, and developing and supporting tech–savvy personnel who will lead the next generation at Mizuho.

Related SDGs

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Revise client channels

In the interest of relaying to our clients and society the new value created by our unit through enhancing the sophistication of our research, enhancing consulting, and actively using IT and digital technologies, we are deepening our one–on–one approach for individual clients, advancing our Mizuho Membership One membership service, and reinforcing collaboration between our unit and frontline offices.

Related SDGs

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure


One Think Tank Report: "Rapidly changing US trade policy and its impact on the world economy"

ImageIn the One Think Tank Report, which condenses our unit's knowledge and expertise on major global trends and the latest topics, we covered the impact that US trade policy is having on the global economy. The report includes insightful analysis of potential scenarios for the global economy going forward and the impact that US trade policy could have on Japanese companies. We have received positive feedback from many clients saying that the report has been helpful for formulating management and business strategies. We will continue publishing such reports to facilitate problem solving at client companies.

Mizuho Business Succession Seminar

PhotoWith the increasing public interest in the topic of business succession in Japan, Mizuho Bank, Mizuho Trust & Banking, and Mizuho Research Institute held a joint seminar for clients including those business owners who will require asset or business succession, and the seminar was attended by many clients. At the seminar, we outlined and explained key points for utilizing the business succession taxation scheme, which underwent significant revisions in FY2018, and covered management succession issues including how to evaluate and select successor candidates. We explained these matters in a practical and straightforward manner based on our experience cultivated through prior business succession consulting.

Mizuho Information & Research Institute booth at CEATEC Japan 2018

ImageMizuho Information & Research Institute (MHIR) exhibited a booth at CEATEC Japan 2018, which was held at the Makuhari Messe convention center from October 16–19, 2018. Many attendees visited the booth to see exhibits featuring concepts of everyday life in the coming decades and demonstrations of underlying technologies, including a "personal AI secretary" utilizing voice recognition to identify users and answer questions according to the user, and a cosmetics simulation which enabled visitors to try out different types of makeup on screen using image processing technology. Also, at a panel session and seminar, examples of AI–related initiatives and R&D being conducted by MHIR were introduced, and we exchanged ideas with visitors from a variety of industries to achieve digital transformation through partnerships both inside and outside the Mizuho group.

Publication of Mizuho Industry Research report "Business opportunities arising from resource and environmental constraints: Exploring possibilities for Japanese corporations in key areas"

ImageMizuho Industry Research reports collect industry insights to provide analysis primarily focusing on large–scale structural changes. A recent report examined what initiatives Japanese corporations should undertake to capture the business opportunities that have arisen from the changes resource and environmental constraints have brought about in the business environment. We will continue publishing such reports to facilitate problem solving at client companies.

Using big data analysis to provide regional banks with tools to enhance their revenue management

Mizuho–DL Financial Technology collaborated with Mizuho Research Institute in developing a big data platform for future estimates that combines statistical data with clients' existing data, providing an analytical tool to enhance revenue management and branch strategy. We will continue leveraging such mathematical finance technology to facilitate problem solving at client companies.

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