Research & Consulting Unit

Yasuhiko Ushikubo Head of Research & Consulting Unit

As the starting point of Mizuho's value creation, we leverage our high level of expertise, including industry insight, to contribute to the creation of new value for our clients and society.

Basic policy

To respond to structural changes in client needs and fulfill our role as the starting point of Mizuho's value creation, we are working to implement structural reforms in three areas business structure, finance structure, and corporate foundations.

For our business structure reforms, in order to create value based on client needs, we are working to further enhance our research and consulting capabilities as well as transforming our client channels through the use of digital technology.

For the finance structure reforms, we are implementing revenue structure and expense structure reforms from a thorough stock perspective (in terms of "stock and flow") through efforts such as optimizing business operations and resources.

In terms of corporate foundations reforms, we are working to enhance productivity and achieve the various synergy effects of group company restructuring and integrated group operations. Additionally, we are establishing an HR strategy aimed at developing personnel with a high level of expertise.

Business environment and challenges

In addition to the advancement of megatrends such as digitalization, the declining birthrate and aging population, and globalization, the global outbreak of COVID-19 has made the challenges facing our clients and society even more multifaceted and complex.

By adopting rapidly evolving digital technology and responding to the increased interest from society regarding ESG and SDG topics, we are working to identify clients' needs early, including needs related to business transformation focused on adapting to the situation during and after COVID-19. And we are working together as a unit to provide information backed by our high level of expertise and support businesses. In this way, we are strengthening our capabilities as a trusted partner sharing knowledge with our clients and society.

Progress on key strategies

Enhancing research and origination capabilities

We are conducting thorough research with a clear sense of purpose, with the aim of improving Mizuho’s earnings power, brand, and reputation by enhancing our corporate strategy and enabling in-house companies to expand their business.

We are strengthening our research capabilities via further collaboration within the unit while applying our origination capabilities to link research to business in in-house company priority areas such as sustainability, cross-sector, and new business.

Related SDGs

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Promoting value chain-based consulting

We are promoting a value chain-based model of consulting which enables us to leverage our consulting services to generate business for in-house companies, thereby contributing to the expansion of business for the Mizuho group overall.

At the same time, we are increasing the underlying value of our consulting services by broadening their scope to include offerings in areas likely to see increased demand, such as ESG/SDG-related fields and digital consulting.

Related SDGs

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Strengthening initiatives for the active use of IT/digital

We are driving the digital transformation of clients and Mizuho itself by combining digital technology expertise from inside and outside our unit to pursue digitalization of operations, creation of data-driven business, and business design, including development of value co-creation models.

Also, we are focusing on developing and providing tech-savvy personnel who will lead the next generation of Mizuho’s business.

Related SDGs

Decent Work and Economic Growth

MMOne’s evolution

We are enhancing both the face-to-face and remote service channels of Mizuho Membership One (MMOne), our member-exclusive service for corporations. Our aim in doing so is to evolve MMOne into a platform that provides high added value, including in non-finance fields, and contributes to a broad range of needs and solutions in line with the growth stage of corporate clients, particularly SMEs and middle market firms.

Related SDGs

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure


Integration of Mizuho Information & Research Institute, Mizuho Research Institute, and Mizuho Trust Systems

We will integrate Mizuho Information & Research Institute, Mizuho Research Institute, and Mizuho Trust Systems in April 2021.

With the rapid advance of digitalization, the issues facing our retail customers and corporate clients are becoming more complex and are changing at an accelerated pace.
To provide the solutions that customers truly need, we must combine our broad research capabilities, consulting capabilities, and IT development capabilities (technological insight, system framework design, implementation, and operation capabilities), all with digitalization as a base.

Through this integration, we will combine the research, consulting, and IT development capabilities that Mizuho Information & Research Institute, Mizuho Research Institute, and Mizuho Trust Systems have cultivated over a long period of time. As a core company for Mizuho's non-financial business domain, the post-integration company will significantly enhance our ability to provide new value beyond the conventional boundaries of finance.


Publication of Mizuho Industry Research report “Transformation to ensure Japanese industry’s presence on the global stage”

In this report, we examine the details and strategies of the transformation Japanese industry will need to undertake to ensure its presence on the global stage. The report considers changes in the external business environment, such as sustainability and digitalization, and employs a long-term perspective covering from 2030 to 2040. We will continue publishing such reports to facilitate problem solving at client companies.


Sustainability Promotion Project

To respond as a united group to clients’ varied sustainability-related needs, we have launched the Sustainability Promotion Project.

We have brought together research and consulting insights from inside and outside our unit and published a One Think Tank Report on climate change issues. We have also been working to create new business that leverages our consulting in the environmental and SDG fields for both our clients and Mizuho. In these ways, we are advancing sustainability initiatives in a wide range of fields.

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