Research & Consulting Unit

As the starting point of Mizuho's value creation, we leverage our extensive insights into industry, the economy, and society, as well as our high level of expertise, including in sustainability and digitalization, to contribute to the creation of new value for our clients and society.

Basic policy

To respond to structural changes in client needs and fulfill our role as the starting point of Mizuho's value creation, we are working to provide sophisticated, cutting-edge value that contributes to solving issues for our clients and society, including through sustainability and digitalization, by deepening and expanding our non-financial functions and combining them with the capabilities of the entire group.

Business structure reforms

We will continue advancing the optimization of business operations and resources in swift response to signs of change in the economy, society, and industry, as well as transforming our business based on changes in the business environment during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Finance structure/corporate foundations reforms

In addition to furthering unified management within the unit to achieve an increased level of various synergy effects and improving operational efficiency through such measures as consolidating redundant tasks, we are advancing various initiatives, including strengthening our personnel capabilities through the implementation of our new HR strategy, which focuses on the action principle of "Passionate & Professional".

Business environment and challenges

In addition to the establishment of new perspectives and behaviors and the acceleration of digitalization in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the trend toward sustainability is also rapidly advancing, including through a growing corporate focus on initiatives for decarbonization and a recycling-based society. Against the backdrop of accelerating structural changes in the economy, society, and industry, as well as the growing diversity and sophistication of client and societal challenges and needs, we aim to create new value for our clients and society through the early identification of such developments, and by fully drawing on the financial and non-financial capabilities of the Mizuho group.

The Research & Consulting Unit possesses extensive knowledge related to industry, the economy, and society, as well as sophisticated expertise in sustainability and digitalization. We are working together as a unit in initiatives such as providing information from research backed by our knowledge and expertise and supporting business through consulting services. In this way, we aim to become a source of Mizuho's value creation and strengthen our capabilities as a trusted partner sharing knowledge with our clients and society.

Progress on key strategies

Enhancing research and origination capabilities

By conducting thorough research with a clear sense of purpose and with the aim of enhancing Mizuho's corporate strategy and expanding in-house companies' business, we contribute to strengthening Mizuho's earnings power as well as our brand and reputation.

We will strengthen our origination capabilities linking research to business with a focus on Mizuho's management and in-house company priority areas such as cross-sector and new business. We can accomplish this by strengthening our research capabilities via further collaboration within the unit and by deepening the integration between macro and semi-macro areas.

Related key sustainability areas (materiality)

  • Industry development & innovation
  • Sound economic growth
  • Environmental considerations


Promoting value chain-based consulting

We are promoting a value chain-based model of consulting which enables us to leverage our consulting services to generate business for the entire Mizuho group, thereby contributing to the expansion of business for each in-house company.

While shifting our resources to sustainability transformation and digital transformation areas, where we expect growing client needs, we are also working to expand the areas in which we can serve clients by combining the consulting capabilities of the newly established Mizuho Research & Technologies.

Related key sustainability areas (materiality)

  • Declining birthrate and aging population, plus good health and lengthening lifespans
  • Industry development & innovation
  • Sound economic growth
  • Environmental considerations


Strengthening initiatives for the active use of IT/digital

We are driving the digital transformation of clients and Mizuho itself by leveraging the digital technology expertise of our unit to pursue the digitalization of operations, the shift to data monetization, the building of value co-creation models, and business design, among others.

Also, we will enhance collaboration between the consulting capabilities and the IT capabilities of the newly established Mizuho Research & Technologies.

Related key sustainability areas (materiality)

  • Industry development & innovation


MMOne's evolution

Mizuho Membership One (MMOne) is our member-exclusive service for corporations offering access to and applications of Mizuho's insights. We will enhance both face-to-face and remote service channels and evolve MMOne into a platform that provides high added value, including in non-finance fields. This will enable us to contribute to a broad range of needs and solutions in line with the growth stage of corporate clients, particularly SMEs and middle market firms.

Related key sustainability areas (materiality)

  • Industry development & innovation



Providing information from research on climate change issues

ImagesIn regard to climate change issues, which have been gaining attention around the world, we formed a cross-unit project with a wide range of departments and issued two comprehensive reports entitled "The true nature and future of climate change issues".

The reports provide an overview of matters such as the true nature of climate change issues and the impacts these issues have on corporate activities, and introduce topics such as trends in policies, the private sector, finance, and consumer preferences outside of Japan, as well as climate change policy trends in Europe, the US, and China. The reports also explore the response that is required from Japan.

Supporting the initiatives for the implementation of MaaS in society

Mobility as a service (Maas), a next-generation mobility service, is expanding around the world, including in regions in Europe, and serious considerations are beginning to be made in Japan as well.

At the Research & Consulting Unit, we work to support policymaking and business creation toward the adoption of new services in society by combining our industrial research capabilities with our digital and corporate management consulting capabilities.

Publication of report "Recommendations for companies pursing sustainable management"

With sustainable management and decarbonization becoming critical issues for every company, we published a report examining, from a multifaceted perspective , the strategies Japanese companies will need in relation to these issues. This report considers policy developments and innovation trends both in and outside Japan by leveraging the deep expertise across Mizuho's many departments.

Participation in initiative to realize a "virtual city"

Mizuho Research & Technologies is taking part in collaborative initiatives with a wide range of partners towards realizing a new "virtual city" linking a real city to a virtual space. As part of this, Mizuho Research & Technologies is also participating in a consortium that formulates guidelines to ensure everyone can enjoy the virtual city with peace of mind.

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