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Mashiro Otsuka Head of Retail & Business Banking Company

To realize the wishes, hopes, and growth of our customers, we will aim to be a partner that helps retail customers design their lives, and a strategic partner for corporate clients' growth strategy and business succession needs.

Basic policy

Under our 5–Year Business Plan, we will aim to transition to a more stable revenue base through channel optimization and expansion into new business areas. Our basic policy is to realize the wishes and hopes of our retail customers and the continued growth of our corporate clients, working to build a sustainable retail business which is responsive to the needs of our customers in this new era. By implementing structural reforms in three interconnected areas—business structure, finance structure, and corporate foundations—we can build a new business culture which is customer–focused and unique to Mizuho. And we can also focus on investing corporate resources in a way that enables us to better respond to new business and customer needs, creating new value in both finance and nonfinance domains.

Business environment and challenges

In recent years, structural changes in customer needs have been accelerating. Retail customers are in need of support for designing their lives in an era of increased longevity. And among SMEs and middle market clients, there is increasing demand for solutions in areas such as growth strategy and business succession, in light of the uncertain business environment. It is essential that we fully respond to these changing needs. Also, both customer needs and the financial industry are undergoing structural change due to advances in digitalization, and a mismatch has arisen in light of our dependence on a network of brick–and–mortar branches. With this in mind, we must seek to take advantage of these changes in customer needs in order to create new business opportunities while also allocating our finite corporate resources in a way that enables us to establish a stable revenue base.

Trends in performance

In FY2018, we achieved strong growth in lending, solutions, and other offerings targeting SMEs and middle market clients. However, due to the challenging market environment and other factors, there was not much room for growth in retail investor AUM revenue.

Under our 5–Year Business Plan, we will implement three types of structural reform in order to reduce fixed costs and expand our stable revenue base, aiming to increase Net Business Profits by JPY150 billion by FY2023 in comparison to FY2018.

(Group aggregate, rounded figures, JPY billion)
Items FY2017
FY2018 FY2019
Performance Year–on–year
Gross Profits 730.0 710.0 (20.0) 700.0 690.0 730.0
Net Business Profits 14.0 11.0 (3.0) 18.0 100.0 160.0

Results are based on FY2018 management accounting rules (including Net Gains Related to ETFs), targets are estimates based on FY2019 management accounting rules.

Progress on key strategies

Build an optimal channel network

In light of changes in customer needs such as an increase in online banking transactions, we will position our online and mobile services as the primary channels for every day transactions and expand the convenient digital services we offer. At the same time, we will transform branches into consulting spaces, adopting remote access technology and focusing on having conversations with customers regarding how to solve their concerns and challenges and how to realize their hopes and dreams.

Related SDGs

Decent Work and Economic Growth               Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Strengthen face–to–face consulting

We will aim to be a partner that helps retail customers design their lives in an age of longevity. We are expanding our product lineup and our services offering continual/regular advice so that customers can rely on us as a consultant regarding long–term life plans. We are also aiming to be a strategic partner for SMEs and middle market clients as they seek to maintain or expand their businesses in an uncertain business environment. By offering sophisticated solutions as a united group, we are supporting our clients' growth and business succession needs.

Related SDGs

No Poverty               Quality Education               Decent Work and Economic Growth               Partnership  For The Goals

Expand into new business domains

Utilizing open collaboration and technology adoption through alliances with other companies, we are creating new value beyond the traditional boundaries of finance in fields such as cashless payments and the data business in order to formulate a new business model aligned to the ways that society and our customers are changing. We will also work to reach new customer demographics through alliances and other partnerships with IT companies.

Related SDGs

Decent Work and Economic Growth               Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure               Partnership  For The Goals



*   Prepared based on financial results disclosures of the respective companies.


*   Prepared based on data from Capital Eye and includes co–lead underwriter positions, but excludes REITs and global offerings.


The path to launching a smartphone bank

ImageIn May 2019, Mizuho and Line Corporation jointly launched a preparation company for establishing Line Bank. We started preparations with the aim of launching a new bank during FY2020. This smartphone bank will be accessible and easy to use, combining Mizuho's extensive financial expertise with Line's platform which is popular with the digital generation.

Strengthening our support for startups

ImageWe offer a membership service, M's Salon, aimed at supporting the growth of startups in Japan which are the drivers of the nation's future. By drawing on Mizuho's network, financial services capabilities, and consulting capabilities we provide a range of support for the startups who will shape the future, including business matching forums and a variety of seminars.

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