Corporate Identity and Code of Conduct

At Mizuho Financial Group, Mizuho's Corporate Identity has been formulated as the concept that forms the basis of all activities conducted as Mizuho. The Mizuho Code of Conduct is positioned as the ethical rules to be complied with in implementing Mizuho's Corporate Identity, and serves as the foundation for the various decisions made on business administration and operations.

Mizuho's Corporate Identity

Corporate Philosophy: Mizuho's fundamental approach to business activities, based on the raison d'etre of Mizuho

Mizuho, the leading Japanese financial services group with a global presence and a broad customer base, is committed to:

Providing customers worldwide with the highest quality financial services with honesty and integrity;

Anticipating new trends on the world stage;

Expanding our knowledge in order to help customers shape their future;

Growing together with our customers in a stable and sustainable manner; and

Bringing together our group–wide expertise to contribute to the prosperity of economies and societies throughout the world.

These fundamental commitments support our primary role in bringing fruitfulness for each customer and the economies and the societies in which we operate. Mizuho creates lasting value. It is what makes us invaluable.

Vision : Mizuho's vision for the future, realized through the practice of "Corporate Philosophy"

The most trusted financial services group with a global presence and a broad customer base, contributing to the prosperity of the world, Asia, and Japan.

  1. The most trusted financial services group
  2. The best financial services provider
  3. The most cohesive financial services group

The Mizuho Values : The shared values and principles of Mizuho's people, uniting all executives and employees together to pursue "Vision"

  1. Customer First: The most trusted partner lighting the future
  2. Innovative Spirit: Progressive and flexible thinking
  3. Team Spirit: Diversity and collective strength
  4. Speed: Acuity and promptness
  5. Passion: Communication and challenge for the future

The Mizuho Code of Conduct

Mizuho's Basic Policies

  1. Social Responsibility and Public Mission

    As the leading Japanese comprehensive financial group with a global presence, we will remain conscious of the importance of our social responsibilities and public mission at all times, and dedicate ourselves to sound management based on self–responsibility. We will encourage close communication with society, and work to ensure that our corporate activities conform to social common sense.

  2. Customer First

    We will place our customers first and provide them with the highest quality financial services at all times on a global basis. We believe that earning the customer's trust is the basis for winning the trust of shareholders, the local community and all other stakeholders.

  3. Strict Compliance with Laws, Regulations and Internal Rules

    We will strictly observe all laws, regulations and rules, and pursue honest and fair corporate activities that conform to the norms accepted by society. We will also comply with international rules and the laws prevailing in different regions around the world, and respect their customs and cultures.

  4. Respect for Human Rights

    As well as acting with respect for the internationally recognized human rights of everyone and acknowledging that our business activities may have the potential to impact human rights, we will work to create a corporate culture in which the spirit of respect for human rights is all–pervasive.

  5. Severing of Relations with Anti–Social Elements

    We will sever all relationships with anti–social elements that pose a threat to the order and safety of civil society, have a perspective that anticipates changes in society, and ensure the soundness and safety of our financial infrastructure functions

Mizuho's Basic Stance

  1. Basic Stance toward Customers

    • We will make constant efforts to satisfy customers win their trust, and build wide–ranging relationships based on trust.
    • We will get to know customers well and deal with them sincerely.
    • We will provide customers with ample information and offer them worldwide with the highest quality financial services.
    • We will manage customers' assets with due and diligent care.
    • We will work assiduously at self–education with a view to acquiring the kind of informed outlook, specialist knowledge and skills that will be useful to customers.
  2. Basic Stance toward Shareholders

    • In order to win our shareholders' trust, we will endeavor to preserve and enhance the group's assets.
    • We will strengthen our internal control systems through appropriate accounting, effective internal audit, etc.
    • We will proactively disclose information and enhance the transparency of our management to ensure that our shareholders have an accurate grasp of the details of our business.
  3. Basic Stance toward the Community

    We will fulfill the role of a "good corporate citizen", progressing together with the local community.

    • We will actively engage in activities that contribute to society.
    • We will act independently and proactively with the awareness that environmental initiatives represent an essential precondition for the existence and activities of our company.
  4. Basic Stance toward Employees

    • We will enable our employees to achieve a healthy life style, creating an environment where employees may work in comfort and safety.
    • We will create a workplace where people may work together in mutual respect and without discrimination or harassment.
  5. Basic Stance toward Suppliers and Competitors

    • We will always adopt a sound and transparent approach to purchasing equipment, supplies or services, ordering computer systems, or in similar situations, making our judgments according to objective criteria such as quality, convenience and prices, and avoiding collusion of any kind with suppliers.
    • We will also require our suppliers to understand the contents of The Mizuho Code of Conduct.
    • We will ensure that our corporate activities are a model of good sense, and engage in competition in a manner that is fair, transparent and free.
  6. Basic Stance toward Political and Governmental Officials

    • We will maintain a normal, healthy relationship with political and governmental officials.

Mizuho's Behavioral Guidelines

  1. Maintaining Order in the Workplace
  2. Prohibition on Private Use of Corporate Assets
  3. Appropriate Management of Information
  4. Prohibition on Conflicts of Interest
  5. Temperate Private Behavior
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