Possible Irrecoverability of Claims Owing to Filing for Court Protection by Ohki Corporation

March 31, 2004

Ohki Corporation (the "Company"), having transactions with Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd., Mizuho Trust & Banking Co., Ltd., The Chiba Kogyo Bank, Ltd. and Fuyo General Lease Co., Ltd. (collectively the "Mizuho Group"), which are subsidiaries or affiliates of Mizuho Financial Group, Inc., filed for court protection with the Tokyo District Court on March 30, 2004. Notice is hereby given that, as a result of this development, the possibility has arisen that certain claims against the Company may be delayed or become irrecoverable.

1. Outline of Ohki Corporation

(1) Location 23-2, Kanda-Sudacho 1-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
(2) Representative Mr. Yoshikatsu Nozawa
(3) Capital JPY 6,470 million

2. Details of Relevant Development

On March 30, 2004, the Company filed for court protection with the Tokyo District Court.

3. Amount of Claims

Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd. JPY 24,608 million
Mizuho Trust & Banking Co., Ltd. JPY 9,399 million
The Chiba Kogyo Bank, Ltd. JPY 893 million
Fuyo General Lease Co., Ltd. JPY 80 million
Total JPY 34,980 million

4. Effect of this Development on Profit / Loss of Mizuho Financial Group, Inc.

The Mizuho Group will recognize appropriate loss amounts for the claims against the Company in this fiscal year.
This development will have no effect on Mizuho's previously announced earnings estimates for this fiscal year.

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