Donations for Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster Relief

February 28, 2005

In order to support disaster-relief efforts in the aftermath of the earthquake that hit the Indonesian island of Sumatra and the tsunami that ravaged the coastal areas of several South Asian countries on December 26, 2004, the employees of Mizuho Financial Group's domestic offices took part in a donation drive. In addition to this, Mizuho's overseas offices also conducted independent donation campaigns.

Along with the donations collected through the activities mentioned above, a contribution from the Mizuho Charity Fund (a donation collection program into which employees make monthly contributions directly from their salaries), and an additional pledge by Mizuho Financial Group, Inc., were also made making Mizuho's total donation amount to JPY 30,685,837. In Japan, donations were presented to the Japanese Red Cross Society, and overseas, contributions were donated to relief organizations by Mizuho's offices in their respective countries.

Breakdown of donations

Donations from employees in domestic offices JPY 8,639,799
Donations by overseas offices (Notes 1 & 2) JPY 10,046,038
Contribution from Mizuho Charity Fund JPY 1,000,000
Pledge by Mizuho Financial Group, Inc. JPY 11,000,000
  • Note 1:Local currencies converted to yen.
  • Note 2: Includes a contribution from the Mizuho USA Foundation as part of its ongoing Matching Gift Program in the U.S.A.
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