Mizuho Financial Group CSR Report 2005 Published

May 1, 2006

Mizuho Financial Group today released its first CSR Report, which provides detailed information on the group's CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities. The aim of the report is to enhance continuous communication with stakeholders by conveying the group's CSR policies and engagements.

In the new business strategy "Channel to Discovery" Plan, announced in April 2005, we have reinforced our commitment to CSR activities, and have since been promoting initiatives on a group-wide basis.

In order to further enhance CSR initiatives with even greater quality, we are committed in maintaining an on-going dialogue with our various stakeholders.

Focal points of CSR Report 2005

  • The report describes broad range of CSR activities as an integrated financial group, under the coordinated initiative of the holding company.
  • "Special section: What is Finance" explains the role of finance which changes with time and how it is adopting to the expectation of society.
  • "Special section: Finance that shapes the future" introduces the variety of CSR activities directly related to the main businesses of the group.
  • While making reference to the GRI Guidelines, GRI Content Index is disclosed in full in order to assure comparability with other companies' reports.

An electronic version of this report is published on the website:


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