Regarding the Amendments to the Corporate Governance Guidelines

January 4, 2018

Mizuho Financial Group, Inc. ("The Company", President & Group CEO: Yasuhiro Sato) hereby announces that, as of today, it has amended its "Corporate Governance Guidelines" (the"Guidelines") as set out in the attachment.

The Guidelines set out the fundamental perspectives, framework, and governing policies of the Company and its group companies regarding corporate governance.

The Company has clarified and newly specified the following points in the Guidelines.

1. The Company's advisor system

  • In light of growing social awareness regarding advisory positions (such as sodanyaku, komon, etc.), the Company issued a press release titled "Disclosure Concerning Our Advisor (Komon) System" on October 16, 2017. In addition to that, taking the opportunity of disclosure due to changes in the prescribed form for corporate governance reports, the Company has added provisions regarding the appointment and roles of senior advisors and honorary advisors and the operation of the advisor system.

2. Voluntary committees, etc. under the Board of Directors

  • In light of the management environment and other factors recently facing the Company, the Company's voluntary committees, etc., such as the Risk Committee, Human Resources Review Meeting, and Outside Director Session, are becoming increasingly important for the corporate governance of the Company. Accordingly, the Company has added provisions regarding the roles, composition, and governing policies of these voluntary bodies.

3. Various frameworks, etc.

  • The Company has added provisions regarding matters such as evaluations of the effectiveness of the Board of Directors and the governing policy for group governance, both of which have already been implemented.
  • The Company has clarified that the Guidelines set out fundamental perspectives, etc. regarding the corporate governance system of the Company as high–level regulations superseded only by the Articles of Incorporation.

The Guidelines will be shared among directors, corporate auditors, executive officers, managing directors and employees of Mizuho and constitute a commitment to all stakeholders of Mizuho. The Company will ensure that self–discipline and accountability of management is fully functioning and further strengthen corporate governance under a corporate governance system with the Board of Directors at its core.

Corporate Governance Guidelines (PDF/96KB)


PDF for print (PDF/80KB)

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