[FinTech] Open AI Lab Tokyo kick–off event

June 8, 2018

Mizuho Financial Group, Inc. (President & Group CEO: Tatsufumi Sakai), Blue Lab Co., Ltd. (President, CEO, & Representative Director: Daisuke Yamada), and Groovenauts, Inc. (President & CEO: Eihiro Saishu) will be holding a kick–off event on June 18, 2018 for Open AI Lab Tokyo, a jointly–established facility that seeks to leverage AI to explore new cross-industry business opportunities.

In recent years Mizuho has sought out partnerships with companies possessing cutting–edge IT to explore business applications of this technology. Our Mizuho Creation Studio1, a laboratory facility set up within Finolab2, aims to facilitate cross–industry open innovation. Blue Lab is pursuing the creation and commercialization of next–generation business models using AI and other new technology. Groovenauts has developed the machine learning platform Magellan Blocks3, which allows users without any prior data science knowledge or experience with programming to start using machine learning. In December 2017, together with Fukuoka Financial Group, Inc., Groovenauts established Open AI Lab4 in Fukuoka.

Open AI Lab Tokyo will offer workshops to spread awareness about the business applications of machine learning. In particular, the lab will explore topics such as demand forecasting, image analysis, object detection in video, and linguistic analysis. The lab also aims to create an environment of interaction where companies from all different sectors and levels of industry can come together to explore new business opportunities.

Kick–off event


June 18, 2018 (Monday)


Global Business Hub Tokyo
(Otemachi Financial City Grand Cube 3F
1–9–2 Otemachi, Chiyoda–ku, Tokyo)


Overview of Open AI Lab Tokyo, presentations on digital strategies
Special presentations hosted by the following companies:

  • 1.Groovenauts, Inc.
  • 2.Fukuoka Financial Group, Inc.
  • 3.SoftBank Corp.
  • 4.Google Cloud Japan G.K.

For details please see the Open AI Lab Tokyo website:

https://openai-lab.org/tokyo/ (Japanese language only)

Mizuho and Blue Lab are enthusiastic about leveraging the establishment of Open AI Lab Tokyo to help develop new services utilizing cutting–edge technology and offer customers better and more convenient financial solutions.

  • 1Mizuho Creation Studio is a facility set up within Finolab to accelerate open innovation aimed at developing new Fintech services.
  • 2The Fintech Center of Tokyo. Japan's first center for Fintech, jointly operated by Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd., Dentsu Inc., and ISID from February 2016.
  • 3Magellan Blocks is a Google Cloud Platform–based machine learning service provided by Groovenauts. Magellan Blocks allows users with no prior experience in programming or data science to easily forecast sales, in-store visitors, event attendees, etc. through data collation and analysis. Google Cloud Platform is a registered trademark of Google LLC.
  • 4Open AI Lab was set up in December 2017 by Fukuoka Financial Group, Inc. and Groovenauts, Inc. to promote the study and application of AI to enhance existing business and generate new business opportunities in an environment of cross–industry engagement between regional companies, from start-ups to industry giants.

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