Support for business succession

Smooth business succession

In Japan, against the backdrop of the declining birthrate and aging population, as well as the lack of successors for businesses due to changing economic, social, and industrial structures, client needs in the area of business succession are diversifying and becoming more complex. In order to support smooth business succession, we are working to provide enhanced solutions as a unified group.

Our business succession solutions

The business environment that our clients are faced with is shifting significantly as a result of the declining birthrate and aging of society as well as changing economic, social, and industrial structures. Against the backdrop of these issues that are brought about by this business environment, such as the lack of business successors, client needs in the area of business succession are diversifying and becoming more complex. We will leverage our strengths such as our strong client base and approach to business as a unified group to provide enhanced, one–stop solutions spanning banking, trust banking, and securities to ensure smooth business succession for our clients.


Support for the smooth, secure transfer of wealth

Mizuho Trust & Banking uses trust functions to provide customers with peace of mind by supporting the smooth transfer of wealth from one generation to the next. Key trust products and services include the following. With Mizuho Trust & Banking as the trust agent, Mizuho Bank and Mizuho Securities offer several trust products and services in the following as well.

  • Consent to Undertake the Execution of Wills Service: Services covering everything from consulting for will preparation to will execution.
  • Will Safe–Keeping Service: Safe, reliable will custody services.
  • Inheritance Arrangement Services: Representation in the performance of necessary procedures following will execution.
  • Monetary Trusts with Special Options (Choice of Features for Peace of Mind): Functions and services of choice that give customers peace of mind at the time in their lives when they are necessary.
  • Dementia Support Trust: Customers can designate funds to be used for things such as living and medical expenses in case they suffer from dementia later in life.
  • Asset Inheritance Trust: Custom planning for the future transfer of wealth (monetary).
  • Educational Funding Donation Trusts: Careful management of educational funds to be donated to grandchildren, etc.
  • Marriage and Childrearing Support Trust ("Gift of Hope"): Administration of funds to be given to children and grandchildren for marrying and raising children.
  • Mizuho Calendar Year Gift Trust ("Thoughtful Gift") : Assisting customers through providing services to manage and invest funds for annual gifts to family members.
  • Mizuho Trust & Banking offers two types of trusts for the family, namely: "single lump–sum payment trusts" and "pension trusts". Single lump–sum payment trusts are used to set aside funds that will be necessary for families immediately after an inheritance event occurs. Pension trusts provide for periodic payments of life support funds to families following an inheritance.
  • Business Succession Trusts: These trust arrangements provide assistance for SME owners in passing their businesses to the next owners.
  • Life Insurance Trust: The death benefit from a life insurance policy is provided to family members in periodic installments.
  • Internet–based inheritance administration services: These services include conducting various related procedures that are required after inheritance proceedings begin and may be provided using the internet without requiring the presence of the business owners and their successors.
  • Private data trust (Letter to the Future): Through an online interface, customers can entrust us with property information and other private information only they know, to be provided to designated beneficiaries at the time of inheritance (some information is provided prior to inheritance).


Mizuho Trust & Banking conducts seminars on estates and wills to promote wider understanding of these topics.

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