Fostering an inclusive company culture

Changing group–wide employee mindsets

Changing mindsets at management level

Employee connectivity

Changing group–wide employee mindsets

Under our HR Vision, which is Mizuho's commitment to encouraging all employees to take initiative and develop themselves, and in line with Mizuho's Corporate Identity, we have published Mizuho's Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion and our Priority measures in commitment to Diversity & Inclusion in Japan, and we are promoting various initiatives to achieve the goals set therein.

Our Group CEO and other members of senior management regularly emphasize the importance of our efforts to promote diversity and inclusion as part of their presentations at the General Managers' Meetings, internal video messages to all employees, and messages sent directly from senior management to all employees.

In October 2017 we cohosted a seminar with Catalyst Japan, the Japanese arm of the global NPO that aims to accelerate progress for women through workplace inclusion. The seminar, entitled Business Drivers for an Inclusive Corporate Culture, was targeted at general managers and female employees of any rank. Mizuho Bank's President & CEO, Koji Fujiwara, gave a talk on the importance of promoting women's advancement and other actions to ensure the active participation of our diverse workforce.

Speech by President & CEO of Mizuho Bank

Mizuho Diversity & Inclusion Month

Since 2019, Mizuho Diversity & Inclusion Month (Mizuho D&I Month) has been held in November as a way of further advancing diversity and inclusion across the Mizuho group. This group–wide, global, employee–led project focuses on listening to diverse perspectives, discussion and communication, and networking in a month–long program of events.

FY2020 was the second year of Mizuho D&I Month and featured the theme of "the power of communication". We set this theme due to our commitment to rethinking our methods of communication and to transforming our behaviors as part of our efforts to bring together the abilities of each and every employee while looking ahead on changes in the business environment for finance and the world after the COVID–19 pandemic

Our global locations held over 40 online events during the month, attracting over 10,000 employee participants from all around the world. The events included lectures and workshops organized by various departments across group companies, collaborative events with other companies, events put on by our ERGs, and more.

The opening event was an online dialogue between our Group CEO and employees, which covered two subjects of discussion. The first was new work styles, including diverse and flexible work arrangements, career design, and men's participation in child–raising. The second was business transformation, including digital transformation, growth strategies, and changes in customer relationships. Nine employee speakers engaged in meaningful conversation on these subjects with executive management, and over 3,000 employees viewed the session, with some also participating by submitting comments through real time questionnaires and posts on an associated communication app.

In future Mizuho D&I Months, we will continue to promote change in employees' mindsets and behavior and drive the creation of new corporate value group–wide.

Dialogue with the Group CEO

Session on next–generation organizations

Publicizing our stories through online media

In 2019, as part of improving employment engagement, we created an official Mizuho Financial Group account on Talentbook, a platform for corporations to share stories. We have been using the account to publicize a variety of stories of our employees playing active roles in our organization. With the writers on our stories being employees on concurrent assignments, the project is not only applying the skills and perspectives of employees across multiple departments but also providing opportunities encouraging employee growth and career building.

Mizuho Financial Group official account 

Promotion via the group magazine

A regular special section in the internal group corporate communications magazine, titled M–Style, promotes awareness of the importance of diversity and inclusion through profiles of role models and features on the latest diversity and inclusion initiatives at Mizuho.

The M–Style section of the Mizuho internal group corporate communications magazine

Company awards program

Our internal group–wide awards program recognizes outstanding performance and contribution to the organization and includes a Diversity & Inclusion category focused on positive examples of employees promoting a supportive work environment and inclusive organizational culture respectful of a range of views.

We publicize these positive examples via the internal group corporate communications magazine and other channels in order to push forward changes in employees' mindsets and behavior group–wide and further establish diversity and inclusion as a foundation for all employees to perform to the best of their abilities. 

Changing mindsets at management level

In order to achieve our goals for greater diversity and inclusion at Mizuho, and to create an environment that enables the growth and active participation of every member of our diverse workforce, it is essential that management–level employees fully understand the issues involved and adjust their frontline management practices accordingly. We are working to change mindsets at the management level through training sessions and seminars on the promotion of greater diversity and inclusion. These programs enhance participants' understanding of the importance of creating a work environment where employees from diverse backgrounds are fully engaged and how such environments lead to innovation and business success. Participants learn about the ways in which their management practices ensure that our diversity becomes one of our organization's greatest strengths.

Management level personnel evaluations

At Mizuho, managers' efforts to promote diversity and inclusion are one aspect taken into consideration as part of the personnel evaluations process, which encourages concrete actions in this regard at every level of the organization. For managers at the supervisor level and above (including executive officers and general managers), this is part of the "360 degree feedback" where they are evaluated by colleagues and direct reports. For general managers of frontline offices in Japan, it is also part of their annual personnel evaluation.

Training for management–level employees

All management–level employees receive training targeted at their job level several times each year, regarding the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, the development and utilization of diverse talent, and the promotion of a good work–life balance. This training emphasizes the effects of unconscious bias and the importance of practicing inclusive leadership, endeavoring to develop employees of all backgrounds in an equitable manner by recognizing the preconceptions and predispositions that one may have which could adversely affect objectivity. In FY2021, we shifted our unconscious bias training away from an application–based model and began requiring it of all management–level employees with direct reports. Over 6,000 employees took the training across our five group companies, producing even greater transformation in mindsets.

As part of our initiatives to support female employees in their career development, we provide communication skills training for managers. This training aims to increase managers' ability to effectively communicate, to support female employees' development and career advancement by providing flexibility for employees balancing their work and family commitments, and to motivate employees not to limit themselves.

Diversity seminars for management

Diversity seminars for management–level employees are held once a year, with external speakers invited to provide lectures on topics relating to team management and diversity and inclusion.

Management staff attending a diversity seminar

The "Ikuboss Alliance"

In December 2014, Mizuho was one of the first companies to join the "Ikuboss Alliance" organized by the NPO Fathering Japan. An "Ikuboss" is defined as a manager at any level who produces good results for their company by supporting their team in achieving a good work–life balance, while also setting a good example by enjoying a good balance between their own work and personal life. The Ikuboss Alliance is a network of Japanese companies that recognize the need for such managers and are working to transform mindsets among their management–level staff with the aim of cultivating a new kind of management style.

The aims of the Ikuboss Alliance match an essential theme for the management of Mizuho's diverse workforce: supporting female employees' career development and the achievement of a good balance between work and family commitments. One way in which we are participating in the Ikuboss Alliance is by holding networking meetings with companies in other industries. Further, within our own organization we are drawing attention to the need for managers to have an "Ikuboss" mindset through various programs.


Founding ceremony for the Ikuboss Alliance

Employee connectivity

Mizuho is promoting the concept of connectivity on a global basis, emphasizing the importance of mutual trust, consideration, and respect between the company and our employees, and between employees themselves, regardless of differences in nationality, gender, culture, values, and so on.

Connections between employees of different backgrounds act as a solid support for the sharing of knowledge and experiences, and enhance employee motivation. This sort of connectivity among employees with varied perspectives is an essential part of creating new corporate value through diversity and inclusion. At Mizuho, we are promoting employee connectivity on a global basis.

Employee Resource Groups

Employee resource groups (ERGs) provide participants with opportunities to connect around a common goal, networking with colleagues who they may not have otherwise had the chance to meet through their work. ERGs also provide opportunities for self–development, and as participants achieve professional growth while working towards their goals, this contributes to Mizuho's growth as well. We provide active support for ERGs, viewing them as an important tool for enabling employees to spearhead their own initiatives regarding the topics that are most important to them.

Through ERG activities, employees are able to share their knowledge and experience, learn from one another, and increase their motivation. Mizuho encourages these activities in order to support each employee's development and engagement. Our promotion of ERG activities globally and group–wide is enabling employees to make connections with colleagues in other group companies and locations and to broaden their perspectives. In turn, this is producing new business ideas and discoveries and contributing to Mizuho's growth. As of July 2020, employees participating in ERG activities number 2,000 in Japan and 4,000 worldwide.

Below are some notable examples of the ERGs at Mizuho:

M–WIN: Mizuho Women's Initiatives Network

The Mizuho Women's Initiatives Network (M–WIN) connects Mizuho's female employees around the world, across entities and regions, and provides them with opportunities to engage with one another and shape their careers. Grouping Mizuho's global offices into five regions for greater focus, the network undertakes initiatives to advance women's empowerment while supporting Mizuho's female employees in being actively involved in the workplace and society.

M–WIN Activities in Japan

In Japan, the Women's Network was established in FY2015 as an employee resource group where women from different generations and job classes across the group could come together and discuss their own careers, leadership development, and Mizuho's efforts to empower women. This network was a predecessor of M–WIN Japan, which was launched in March 2018. M–WIN Japan has around 470 members from across the Mizuho group.

M–WIN Japan holds a variety of events and activities, such as networking sessions and seminars to promote its mission of supporting women's advancement in the workplace and in society.

M–WIN event

M–LAN: Mizuho LGBT+ & Ally Network

M–LAN provides opportunities to study the diverse issues and values of the LGBT+ community and communicate them through a range of activities in order to help develop a diverse and inclusive workplace where employees can be themselves and engage in their work with enthusiasm. The network provides support for planning Mizuho's activities as a joint sponsor of Tokyo Rainbow Pride and other key events, including through volunteering.

At Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2019

MGCC: Mizuho Global Communication & Connectivity Club

MGCC brings together people of different nationalities and backgrounds, creating a space for cross–cultural communication. Members can build a professional network that supports their career development as well as take part in activities that promote Mizuho's globalization. MGCC holds regular events aimed at foreign language learning and developing cultural understanding.

Weekly Morning Chat Café


CocreA is a play on the words "collaboration, creation, relation, and evolution" and aims to create new value through connecting people and encouraging discussion and learning. We study the relationship between cutting–edge technology and business and create connections between the different companies in the Mizuho group with the goal of contributing to Mizuho's future by discovering new sources of value and enhancing members' tech skills.

A technology expert visits as a guest lecturer at a CocreA event

One's Best

One's Best furthers understanding and consideration of a range of disabilities, with the aim of encouraging employees to respect each other’s individualities and values, regardless of ability, and of making Mizuho into an organization where anyone can do their best. The group holds large–scale talks, workshops in which participants can experience what it is like to have a disability, and social gatherings for members.

A workshop participant using a wheelchair 


Commu–i looks to make Mizuho a place where every employee can pursue self–esteem and self–actualization and engage in their work enthusiastically while making the most of their unique qualities. The group holds workshops and social gatherings about communication skills like coaching to promote the development of solid, secure relationships and create a positive cycle of communication enabling employees to raise each other's motivation together.

Workshop with a guest lecturer

Mizuho Toast Masters

Mizuho Toast Masters is a corporate club of Toast Masters, an international non–profit educational organization founded in the US. Members practice their communication and public speaking skills in English, in doing so contributing to Mizuho's globalization and improving Mizuho's organizational capabilities. Currently, there are five active Mizuho Toast Masters groups.

Regular meeting


With "data utilization" as a keyword, Share–D was founded as a space connecting employees from a variety of career backgrounds as well as different communities to share the knowledge and insights about data that are spread out across Mizuho. The group holds events on the latest data utilization tools and informational sessions on data utilization and knowledge sharing within the Mizuho group.


MIW–net is led by female managers working at Mizuho and utilizes their knowledge, networks, and experience to undertake activities developing and supporting role models.

The group holds various networking activities of interest to a wide audience and aims to enable each employee to work with an enthusiastic mindset, broader perspective, greater confidence, and more ambitious career outlook.


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