Human Rights Policy Development and Revision Process

We developed and revised our Human Rights Policy by following the process outlined below:

Development Process


Stakeholder Dialogues

Establishment of the Human Rights Policy

We requested human rights experts and various stakeholders to provide us with advice via conference calls or written responses in September and October 2017, which included UNEP FIShift—a non–profit organization focusing on human rights, and Citigroup.

Their feedback focused on:

  1. Content of the draft Human Rights Policy;
  2. Salient human rights issues; and
    Stakeholders' expectations regarding implementation of the Human Rights Policy.


Revisions to the Human Rights Policy

When we revised the human rights policy in May 2022, external experts on human rights provided recommendations and reviewed the draft revisions to the human rights policy and the proposed measures to strengthen our human rights efforts. Additionally, the Sustainability Promotion Committee held a meeting on the topic of respect for human rights in June 2022, at which an external expert on human rights presented recommendations.

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