Using the Text–to–speech Function


What is the Text–to–speech Function?

This function presents the textual information on the Mizuho Bank website in an audible form. By providing website information in this way, users with poor vision or those with eyes that tire easily can also use the Mizuho Bank website without difficulty.

The Mizuho Bank website uses the ReadSpeaker Enterprise text–to–speech service provided by ReadSpeaker Japan. Special voice plug–ins or applications are not required. Additionally, the service can be used for free.

Using the Service

  • Clicking [Listen] button on the page, the text (specified by Mizuho Financial Group beforehand) will be automatically read out.
  • Please enable JavaScript before using this service.
  • Clicking Settings icon in the player allows the user to enable or disable the highlight function, change the reading speed, and select whether to listen only to certain parts of the page. The user can also change the highlight color, decide whether to use the automatic screen scroll function, and enlarge the text on the screen.

Operating Environment

Please use the environment recommended by Mizuho Financial Group.

Any device that has an audio player that supports the mp3 format is compatible with the text–to–speech service.

Points to Note

As this text–to–speech service uses a computer–generated voice, please note that people's names, place names, proper nouns, and abbreviations may not always be read out correctly.

Moreover, Mizuho Bank takes no responsibility for any damage that may be incurred, either directly or indirectly, from the use of this service.


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