Support for SMEs and Regional Revitalization

Support for small– and medium–sized enterprises (SMEs)

By drawing on our consulting capabilities to provide proposals and solutions that address the issues SMEs face, we ensure that clients' perspectives are prioritized when providing support for business expansion, succession, reorganization, and other client needs. We also believe that proactively supporting SMEs is a key part of fulfilling our social responsibility as a financial institution.

In particular, by providing consulting and support for SMEs' growth strategies, we can introduce clients to potential M&A opportunities from the standpoint of business expansion and succession, and support the growth of innovative companies with exceptional technologies or ideas.

Furthermore, a specialized business reorganization section within our Head Office provides support for SMEs' business improvement and reorganization needs. In addition, our Head Office collaborates with frontline offices to provide consultations and support for clients through partnerships with external organizations, external specialists, and other financial institutions.

Regional revitalization initiatives

In Japan, as a result of the trend toward concentration of businesses and other economic activity solely in Tokyo, rural populations are expected to decline and regional economies are expected to shrink in the future. As a nation, Japan must look for ways to revitalize regional areas through a virtuous cycle in which jobs draw people back to local areas and population growth creates more jobs. Utilizing our office network in Japan, we are striving to promote the revitalization of regional economies by providing our clients with funding, supporting the operations of local businesses, and collaborating with regional governments.

Case examples

Transforming Hachijojima into a "smart island"

ImageMizuho Bank, Tokyo Prefecture's Hachijo Town, and the Hachijo Town Chamber of Commerce and Industry entered into a comprehensive partnership agreement for promoting cashless payments. With cashless payments as a starting point, the partnership is working to transform Hachijojima into a "smart island" by applying digital technology aimed at solving local challenges.

Mizuho Financial Group, Mizuho Research & Technologies, Blue Lab, and other group companies are providing their combined knowledge and knowhow regarding finance and digital technology, as well as the technical insights of our clients via open collaboration, in order to contribute to the revitalization of Hachijo Town through disaster prevention to protect the safety and security of community members, tourism promotion, and other efforts. Additionally, we hope these leading–edge initiatives for boosting the local community will serve as a model for other regions.

Invigorating local communities by supporting innovative companies

ImageAt Mizuho Bank, we are strongly committed to working together with industrial and academic organizations, as well as venture capital firms, to nurture the business ecosystems and new industries that surround innovation. Since 2016, through our M's Salon acceleration membership service, we have been offering support for SME clients with new technologies or business models aiming for rapid growth.

Our commitment extends to fostering the development of local and regional innovative companies. In 2021, we continued sponsoring various regional support events, including in the Kansai and Kyushu areas. For example, Deputy Head of the Retail & Business Banking Division Naoto Ohitsu recently served as a Chief Examiner for a pitch event at the Kansai Future Summit, held in November 2021 in Kobe. This is one way in which we show our dedication to energizing local startup communities.

We will continue to contribute to the growth of innovative companies and other SMEs and the revitalization of regional economies.

Finance facilitation and response to the Guidelines for Personal Guarantee Provided by Business Owners

Finance facilitation

Mizuho works to promote finance facilitation in accordance with group–wide fundamental policies. This includes ensuring that we respond appropriately to requests for new loans or loan condition adjustments, with consideration for the impacts of the COVID–19 pandemic, and provide tailored consulting.

Guidelines for Personal Guarantee Provided by Business Owners

We are committed to establishing and maintaining good relationships with our clients in line with the Guidelines for Personal Guarantee Provided by Business Owners established by the Japanese Bankers Association and the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as the associated special provisions that came into effect on April 1, 2020.

We provide the option for a joint guarantee with a termination clause and multiple other lending methods as alternatives to personal guarantee provided by business owners. Also, we have established a structure for cooperation between our frontline offices and Head Office to encourage the utilization of these methods.

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