Operation of the Directors, Board of Directors, and each committee

Approach to appointment and dismissal of directors

Mizuho Financial Group’s Nominating Committee selects director candidates. The criteria for appointing a director is established in the Corporate Governance Guidelines. In consideration of the supervisory role Mizuho Financial Group fulfills in its capacity as the holding company, the committee gives particular attention to the points stated below in "Skills of each director (experience, expertise, etc.)" when considering candidates for both outside and internal director positions.

The Nominating Committee also may submit as an agenda item for deliberation at the General Meeting of Shareholders a proposal to dismiss directors if there are objective and reasonable grounds for determining that they have become unqualified in respect of the requirements and it is deemed that they are no longer capable of being entrusted with the performance of director duties.

Skills of each director (experience, expertise, etc.)

For outside director candidates, the Nominating Committee primarily considers those in senior management roles who have expertise in areas including finance, financial control, accounting, law, and technology, and who can be expected to successfully carry out supervisory functions from both a global and sustainable perspective.

* Note: Each director’s specific areas of experience and expertise are as in the table.

Candidates for internal director positions must be capable of the appropriate execution of group business management, and must have insight into financial operations, financial regulations, and Mizuho’s business model.

  1. Chairman (Kaicho) Imai engages in our external activities, but does not chair the Board meetings. The Board meetings are chaired by the independent director Chairman Izumi Kobayashi.
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