1998 Annual Report (FUJI)

Entire Files (Include Financial Section) (PDF/13,000KB)

Financial Highlights (PDF/287KB)

Report to Our Stockholders (PDF/302KB)

Medium-Term Business Plan (PDF/57KB)

Review of Operations (Investment Banking) (PDF/22KB)

Review of Operations (Operational Products) (PDF/23KB)

Review of Operations (Global Corporate) (PDF/20KB)

Review of Operations (Personal Banking) (PDF/20KB)

Review of Operations (Corporate Banking) (PDF/20KB)

Review of Operations (Public and Financial Institutions) (PDF/52KB)

Review of Operations (Overseas Business) (PDF/79KB)

Corporate Citizen (PDF/65KB)

Corporate Information (PDF/495KB)

Board of Directors and Senior Overseers (PDF/22KB)

Stock Information (PDF/23KB)

Organization Chart (PDF/22KB)

Overseas Offices (PDF/436KB)

Domestic Offices and Affiliated Companies Corporate Data (PDF/36KB)

Financial Reports (PDF/451KB)

Fiscal 1997 in Review (Consolidated/Non-Consolidated) (PDF/78KB)

Risk Management (PDF/111KB)

Consolidated Five-Year Summary (PDF/27KB)

Consolidated Financial Statements (PDF/99KB)

Non-Consolidated Financial Statements (PDF/46KB)

Data File (Non-Consolidated) (PDF/123KB)

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