Organizational Reform: Establishment of a Management Structure Based on Customer Segments

March 3, 2016

On April 1, 2016 Mizuho Financial Group, Inc. ("Mizuho") will introduce an in–house company structure based on customer segments. The aim of this structure is to utilize Mizuho's strengths and competitive advantage, as a holding company which integrates the banking, trust banking and securities functions, to promptly provide highest–quality financial services that closely match customer needs.

More specifically, the group's existing ten units will be reorganized into five in–house companies and two units to establish a management structure based on customer segments.

  1. Introduction of In–house Company Structure
    Mizuho will establish the following five in–house companies to thoroughly strengthen the customer–first, market–oriented approach: the Retail & Business Banking Company, the Corporate & Institutional Company, the Global Corporate Company, the Global Markets Company, and the Asset Management Company.
    Furthermore, Mizuho will streamline head office operations and implement prompt decision–making processes, in order to further enhance the group's front–line business and sales capabilities. At the same time, Mizuho will work to increase the group's earnings capacity and reform the risk–return structure, in accordance with the group's risk appetite framework.
  2. Establishment of Research & Consulting Unit
    Mizuho will consolidate the group's research and consulting functions into the new Research & Consulting Unit, to create a team of experts dedicated to addressing the various challenges that Mizuho's customers may face.
    The unit will develop its global perspective and collaborate with the five in–house companies, using both macro and micro approaches, together with practical financial knowledge, to provide comprehensive solutions to address customers' various actual and potential challenges.



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