Consulting and policy support for environmental, energy, and natural resource matters

Consulting on greenhouse gas reductions

Companies are making reducing greenhouse gas emissions a management priority and are formulating concrete reduction plans to contribute to realizing a low-carbon society.

At Mizuho, we use our extensive expertise to provide comprehensive consulting services to clients seeking ways to develop businesses with reduced greenhouse gas emissions, including support for clients using carbon credits and clients, primarily governmental agencies, researching ways to reduce emissions. Our services are specialized in providing information about promising projects around the world, project assessments including quantitative evaluations, financial feasibility studies, and risk assessments for projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption, as well as assistance with procedural matters related to governmental policies and initiatives in the host country.

Support for carbon credits

Companies around the world are facing increased demands to adopt low-carbon technologies, and carbon credits1 earned for reducing greenhouse gas emissions are an effective tool for companies to meet greenhouse gas emission reduction targets.

Mizuho has been involved with carbon credits from very early on and has accumulated the vast knowledge and expertise necessary to conduct quantitative evaluations. Via collaboration among Mizuho group companies, we provide total support for greenhouse gas reduction, from identification of projects that generate carbon credits and preliminary surveys for project feasibility studies to quantitative assessments of greenhouse gas emissions once a project is underway. Also, since 2010, we have been focusing on the Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM)2 as a new framework under the government's post-Kyoto mechanisms. Using our wealth of experience and know-how, we are now supporting the utilization of JCM in companies' business development outside Japan and the Japanese government's efforts to develop JCM.

1.   Carbon credit: A mechanism for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with international guidelines and using the resulting offsets to comply with targets. Emissions trading involves countries and companies buying and selling carbon credits.

2.   Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM): A mechanism under which CO2 emissions reductions achieved through the adoption of Japanese low-carbon technologies and products are recognized as reductions in Japan's CO2 emissions, on the basis of bilateral agreements. With the adoption of this system, Japan will be able to secure emissions credits through the sale of Japanese technologies and products, as opposed to the existing system in which Japan purchases emissions credits from sources outside Japan.

JCM:Joint Crediting Mechanism


Greenhouse gas reduction survey support

Mizuho supports research, primarily by governmental agencies, aimed at reducing greenhouse gases.

Recent Mizuho accomplishments
Year Project Business entity
FY2022 Study on pathways to achieve medium- and long-term greenhouse gas emission reductions toward carbon neutrality by 2050 commissioned by the Ministry of the Environment Mizuho Research & Technologies
Study on support for the introduction of renewable energies for self-consumption, etc. by the Ministry of the Environment
FY2021 Study on pathways to achieve medium- and long-term greenhouse gas emission reductions toward carbon neutrality by 2050 commissioned by the Ministry of the Environment Mizuho Research & Technologies
FY2020 Study on pathways to achieve medium- and long-term greenhouse gas emission reductions in line with the long-term strategy of the Ministry of the Environment, commissioned by the ministry Mizuho Information & Research Institute*

* Currently Mizuho Research & Technologies


Consulting on energy and resources

Based on our cutting–edge research and wealth of knowledge and expertise, in the field of energy and resources, Mizuho Research & Technologies provides information and consulting services on energy issues and energy-related industries.

In the field of renewable energy, for example, we perform a broad area of work ranging from studies of policies inside and outside Japan to the preparation of project plans, all for the purpose of promoting the optimal usage of solar power, biomass, wind power, and other energy sources. Also, in the field of hydrogen energy, carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS), and energy efficiency, we use the results of R&D performed by research institutes throughout the world to evaluate technologies for practical application.

Mizuho Research & Technologies also performs studies of new energy technology markets across the globe, develops commercialization plans with special attention paid to regulatory trends, and offers a wide variety of other types of support aimed at turning cutting–edge energy technology into concrete businesses.

Support for environmental and energy policies

With the rising awareness of environmental issues worldwide, consideration of environmental factors is required not only of corporations but also individuals, municipalities, and many other tiers of society. To establish a system to effectively promote environmental activities throughout society based on Japan's targets, and to achieve the targets in international agreements, various policies to address environmental problems are under discussion.

Mizuho Research & Technologies provides government agencies with a wide range of support for environmental and energy policies, including the collection and analysis of basic data, investigations, and research, as well as support for the formulation of policies.

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