Consulting on environmental management

As visions for a future society are being shared internationally through initiatives such as the Paris Agreement and the SDGs, the ability of a company to respond to business risks and opportunities that arise from environmental areas is beginning to affect how companies are evaluated. The proliferation of ESG investment and lending—which first arose in the US and Europe—is progressing in Japan as well, and many institutional investors are placing an increased emphasis on corporate standards for managing environment–related risks and opportunities as a metric for determining a company's sustainability and growth potential over the long–term.

In their management strategies, companies are expected to improve the environmental performance of their products and services, and, depending on the industry, may be expected to transition their business portfolios while working to acquire business opportunities. Due to the globalization and growing complexity of corporate activities, companies must be aware not only of the environmental impact of their own consolidated group, but also that of suppliers and customers in their value chains.

In light of this, proactive companies are beginning to set scenarios of what the future might look like for their business, identifying and evaluating all potential business risks and opportunities to use these as a basis for establishing an environmental vision and strategy that is aligned with their management strategy. By ensuring corporate resilience through incorporating environmental risks and opportunities into the management strategy, they are appealing to their business development and the sustainability of their companies.

Primarily by leveraging the strengths of Mizuho Research & Technologies, which has expertise in the environmental field, Mizuho provides a range of solutions, from information services to consultation, for creating and implementing an environmental strategy that is completely in step with the overall management strategy.

Overall outline of approaches to the formulation of an environmental vision and planning for environmental management


Environmental business matching

PhotoMizuho Bank has been engaged in business matching (introducing customers to each other) with the theme of environmental and energy measures.

By making full use of the collaborations with equipment manufacturers and service providers in the field of environment, Mizuho Bank offers effective solutions to customers who are considering environmental measures such as energy conservation, CO2 reduction, etc.

In addition, Mizuho undertakes business matching initiatives related to themes that attract the attention of society.

These include introduction of renewable energy equipment powered by solar power generation, small–scale wind power generation and review of electric power contracts accompanying the liberalization of retail power supply regulations. Mizuho also holds a business matching forum with a focus on the SDGs, which have been receiving increasing attention in recent years.

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