Joint Project with Tokyo Gakugei University


Overview of joint research

Utilizing the highly specialized knowledge, experience, knowhow, and human and organizational networks of both Mizuho and Tokyo Gakugei University, we have developed a number of relevalant tools and methods, and implemented various initiatives to promote financial education using these outputs.

*Joint research period: April 2006 to March 2018 (suspended from April 2014 to March 2015)


Major initiatives

Developing materials for financial and economic education

For the purpose of widely applying the results of this joint research in accessible forms, we have created textbooks and video materials to help students learn how money works, the role of banks, and the basics of economics. They are now in actual use in various locations.

We have also created textbooks for special support schools to aid the efforts of children with special needs to independently participate in society.

For elementary and secondary education

  • Textbook: "Working with Money" (2006)
  • Glossary: "Money and Our Lives" (2007)
  • Textbook & DVD: "Thinking about Life and Money" (2011)*
  • Class Guide for Teachers

*In March 2012, the financial education textbook and DVD were named the winner of the National Institute on Consumer Education's eighth awards for excellent material concerning consumer education.


For special support schools

  • Textbook: "Life and Money" (2008)


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