Children's Summer School

At Mizuho, we host Children's Summer School at Mizuho Bank branches and other venues throughout Japan. The program is provided jointly between Mizuho Financial Group, Mizuho Bank, Mizuho Trust & Banking, and Mizuho Securities to support financial and economic education and contribute to local communities.

Children learn about the roles of money, banks, and securities through bank explorations, classes, group work, and other activities during the summer school program.

For FY2021, the program was held online rather than at branches in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Program contents were modified and program dates limited.

Program dates: Monday, August 23; Wednesday, August 25; Friday, August 27

Mizuho will continue offering financial and economic education to the children who will lead our future. 

Number of locations and participants
Number of locations and participants

  • Children's Summer School was not held in FY2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


FY2019 Children's Summer School

From July to August 2019, Mizuho Bank, Mizuho Trust & Banking, and Mizuho Securities sponsored the Children's Summer School at 102 branches of Mizuho Bank. This year, about 1,500 elementary school children participated, and in addition to actually experiencing the workplace, deepened their understanding of finance through group work activities on money and financial management.

Program schedule (About two hours)*


After providing a simple explanation of the flow of the school program, participants introduced themselves to each other using their own original business cards.

Opening greetings
Opening greetings

Exchange of calling cards
Exchange of business cards

Workplace Experience

Participants toured the bank branch premises and experienced what being in a bank branch is like while listening to explanations from employees.

Viewed bank lobby
Viewing the bank lobby

Experienced branch customer greetings by bank employees
Experiencing branch customer greetings by bank employees

Financial and Economic Education

After experiencing the workplace, participants observed the jobs employees perform at the bank and learned about how money is managed.

Group work
Group work

Experience in counting money
Participants experience counting money

Experienced the weight of JPY 100 million
Experiencing the weight of JPY 100 million


View worksheets

Petty cash ledger
Allowance ledger

*  Session schedules may differ between branches. Pictures shown are of multiple sessions from several branches.

Comments from participating children

  • "We thought the job of bank employees was to take money, but we learned that they have other work to do as well." (Fourth grade student)
  • "We thought it was really fun to be able to explore the bank and see places there that others don't usually have the chance to see, such as the big safe." (Sixth grade student)
  • "I found it interesting that there is a special way to exchange meishi (business cards) and that bows should be made at a certain angle." (Third grade student)
  • "The visit to the bank made me want to use money with special care. I want to try keeping a record of my money." (Fourth grade student)
  • "I enjoyed learning how to count money."(Sixth grade student)
  • "I was really amazed by how heavy 100 million yen in cash is." (Third grade student)


Comments from employees

  • "The children and their guardians seemed to really enjoy it. I'd like the bank to continue offering this program because it provides a good opportunity to contribute to the local community."
  • "The children and the adults accompanying them seemed to be delighted by the tour. We were happy to provide a service that contributes to the community."
  • "By explaining the banking business to children, we gained a renewed awareness of how important our work is, and a strong sense of duty to continue striving to serve our customers."
  • "The children participating in the event seemed to be enjoying it. We showed them how to exchange business cards and let them see 100 million yen first hand. I felt that it was good for us to have them gain hands-on experience at our bank."
  • "By interacting with the primary school children of our community, I believe we were able to show how friendly of a company Mizuho is."
  • "Teaching children about the roles of banking gave us the opportunity to review our work from a new perspective."


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