Sustainability Scope and Guidelines

Sustainability Scope

Unless otherwise stated, this Sustainability section of Mizuho's website covers 8 companies referred to as "the group" or "Mizuho" below.


  • "The group" or "Mizuho"
    Mizuho Financial Group and its 7 core group companies: Mizuho Bank, Mizuho Trust & Banking, Mizuho Securities, Mizuho Research Institute*, Mizuho Information & Research Institute*, Asset Management One, Mizuho Private Wealth Management, and Mizuho Americas.**
  • Mizuho Financial Group (MHFG)
    Refers to the holding company, Mizuho Financial Group, Inc. on a non–consolidated basis.

    *   Results up to and including fiscal 2020 are for eight companies, including Mizuho Research Institute and Mizuho Information & Research Institute.

    **  Results up to and including fiscal 2017 are for nine companies, including former Trust & Custody Services Bank.

Reference Guidelines


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