Business Continuity Management

In light of its social responsibility to play an important role in the social infrastructure as a financial institution, Mizuho places priority on securing an adequate level of continuity of financial settlement functions and the swift and efficient recovery of the business in the event of an emergency. This is a basic policy of the Group.

The Group recognizes the risks of the occurrence of an emergency situation in advance. In order to swiftly take measures to mitigate the risks in the event of an emergency, the Group develops appropriate and effective countermeasures and a framework for business continuity management, ensures readiness for emergencies, and strives to disseminate these within the organization in times of normalcy.

Specifically, we established Crisis Management Offices in MHFG, MHBK, MHTB and MHSC that are responsible for responses in the event of emergency and business continuity management. The offices will function as a controller in the event of an emergency that may materially impact business management, by collecting and analyzing information, formulating countermeasures, etc. In addition, they will carry out activities such as collecting and analyzing signs and indicators of the crisis, and reporting to the management without delay.

We have also established a Business Continuity Management Committee as one of the Business Policy Committees for unified improvement of business continuity management practices in the Group. The committee makes preparations for minimizing the impact of an emergency, and for the swift and efficient recovery of the business, by assessing the assumed impact of an emergency beforehand and formulating necessary countermeasures.

Particular focus is placed on strengthening our response for natural disasters, covering not only earthquakes and tsunamis but also volcanic eruptions, large–scale wind or water damage, and facilitating initial response for terrorism and riots. The Committee also focuses on responses to cyber–attacks that have been occurring with increasing frequency throughout society.

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