Business Continuity Management

In light of our social responsibility and the important role Mizuho plays within the social infrastructure as a financial institution, ensuring the continuity of financial settlement functions and the swift and efficient recovery of operations in the event of an emergency is one of our top priorities within the group.

To improve business continuity management practices across the group, we assess the potential impact of emergencies beforehand and formulate necessary countermeasures in order to minimize such impact, and to ensure the swift and efficient recovery of operations.

One of the ways in which we are working to achieve this is by establishing Crisis Management Offices within Mizuho Financial Group, Mizuho Bank, Mizuho Trust & Banking, and Mizuho Securities that are responsible for business continuity management and our responses in the event of emergency. These offices function as a controller in the event of an emergency that may materially impact business management, by collecting and analyzing information, formulating countermeasures, and taking other necessary action. In addition, their role includes collecting and analyzing signs and indicators of a potential crisis, and reporting their findings promptly to management.

Particular focus is placed on strengthening our response to natural disasters, covering not only earthquakes and tsunamis but also volcanic eruptions, large-scale wind or water damage, and facilitating initial responses to acts of terrorism and riots as well as cyberattacks that have been occurring with increasing frequency around the world.

Based on the series of IT system failures, we are working to improve the effectiveness of our business continuity management system by confirming the content and procedures of our system contingency plans and business contingency plans, continuing to strengthen training and realistic drills throughout the group, including with executive management, and incorporating the basic approach of operational resilience.

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