2012 Interim Review (From Apr 2012 to Sep 2012)

Go to 2012 Interim Review (From Apr 2012 to Sep 2012) (PDF/1,232KB)The Interim Review can be downloaded at once.


Selected Pages

Only the required portion can be downloaded checking the contents of the Interim Review.

Brand Slogan, Corporate Profile, Ratings (PDF/167KB)
A Message from the Group CEO (PDF/59KB)
Profile of Mizuho Corporate Bank, Mizuho Bank, Mizuho Trust & Banking and Mizuho Securities (PDF/77KB)
Summary of Financial Results for the First Half of Fiscal 2012 (PDF/66KB)
Progress in Mizuho's Transformation Program and Establishment of Advanced and Integrated Group Management Structure (PDF/77KB)

Initiatives for Integrated Group Management

Business Outline (PDF/33KB)
Office Network (PDF/85KB)
Business Approaches
Approaches to Collaboration among Banking, Trust Banking and Securities Businesses
Initiatives to Support the Recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake (PDF/32KB)
CSR Activities (PDF/29KB)
Location of Overseas Offices (PDF/42KB)
Investor Information (PDF/34KB)
Disclosure Policy
Privacy Policy Regarding Customer Information
Contact Information
Financial Information (PDF/313KB)
Status of Capital Adequacy (PDF/309KB)
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