Integrated Report 2023

Integrated Report 2023Integrated Report 2023 (for viewing) * (PDF/15,766KB)

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Cover, Corporate Identity, and Contents (PDF/679KB)
Executive messages / Features
Message from the Group CEO (PDF/725KB)
Message from the Chairperson of the Board of Directors (PDF/298KB)
Feature: Growth strategy and medium-term business plan (PDF/3,591KB)
Message from the Group CFO (PDF/378KB)
Discussion: Corporate Identity and growth strategy (PDF/463KB)
Feature: Corporate culture transformation initiatives (PDF/217KB)
Discussion: Corporate culture transformation (PDF/591KB)
Messages from the CEOs of group companies (PDF/480KB)
Measures for stable business operations (PDF/193KB)
Mizuho's value creation process

Value creation process,
Capital for value creation,
Materiality / Risks and opportunities

Financial data / Non-financial data (PDF/172KB)
Business strategies for value creation
Human capital management (PDF/1,411KB)
Sustainability (PDF/327KB)
Digital transformation (PDF/3,035KB)
Business strategies by in-house company/unit (PDF/870KB)
Governance for value creation
Corporate governance (PDF/485KB)
Risk governance (PDF/229KB)
Cybersecurity (PDF/60KB)
Compliance (PDF/190KB)
Customer-oriented approach (PDF/136KB)
Stakeholder communication (PDF/187KB)
Data section
Eleven-year major financial data (FY2012 – 2022),
Review and analysis for fiscal 2022
Corporate profile (PDF/502KB)


Group companies (PDF/301KB)
Three lines of defense (PDF/52KB)
Risk management structure (PDF/154KB)
Business continuity management (PDF/46KB)
Compliance contacts (PDF/50KB)
Internal audit structure (PDF/57KB)
Support for SMEs and regional revitalization (PDF/54KB)
Compliance with international financial regulations (PDF/62KB)
Non-financial data (PDF/61KB)
Senior executives
Location of offices outside Japan
Investor information
Financial Analysis [Under Japanese GAAP] (PDF/807KB)
Basel Regulatory Disclosures (PDF/1,846KB)
Disclosure Policy (PDF/77KB)


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